Thursday, July 14, 2011

Grounding Water - Swelling/Bloating

One of the most persistent of the ascension symptoms is the excess weight light workers have put on at this time; and all attempts through exercise, dieting, starvation or otherwise to shed this fat suit has proven futile. An acquaintance who`s whole body was kind of swollen went as far as administering a water elimination cure (water pills) from a physician to no avail.

We have literally not been able to expand our energy field so our body in the form of Grounding Water has expanded in its place. Mankind has evolved in a society where most religious traditions disfavor spiritual aspects of life there by penalizing the development of our etheric bodies - compromising our energy templates.

This devastating symptom over the last couple of years has been given divers designations: Fat Suit, Bloating, Excess Weight, Double Body, Buddha Belly, Extra Fat, chub, 30Ibs+, etc. Most Ascensionees have been more or less experiencing some components of this aspect since the wake of this journey. Nevertheless, some sense, a kind of dispersion/discrimination in the band (lightworker group) with respect to putting on or losing weight. This apparent eclectic split has been attributed to pre-birth agreements on the part of some volunteers to ground energy in specific locations on the globe as part of the ascension master plan. Some brave scribes have even gone as far as sacrificing their bodies/health in being a clear channel for the higher-ups (clocking over 80+Ib). This predicament seems to be amassing more colors, getting more and more grisly as we navigate the etherics close to the finish line.

All said and done, we should bear in mind that this regular water drinking aspect is worthwhile integrating into our routines - our transformation process because water enables/enhances a smoother flowing of energetic pathways indispensable to the afore mentioned transformation.