Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why Ascension Proper May not Commence before 12:12:12 (4th ED)

It came to pass in the fullness of time as perceived in the ethers:
Ascension is a unified whole, a gestalt/paragon designed by the Omniscient Allthatis, hence not liable to any whimsical modulation – caprices; it is governed by a pristine - divine algorithm. It is a gigantic undertaking of cosmic proportion, involving a plethora of galaxies/star systems; many have come to help as well as replicate the experience for posterity.   There is absolutely no way we can comprehend infinite issues through finite (3D) minds – postponement of ascension therefore can only come as a dream for the minds ability to create its reality is unfathomable.

As mentioned before, this project is guided by one paramount component - the Light Quotient. This goes to say that ascension can commence today if the said threshold is attained. Lord Sananda appeared some 2000yrs ago for this same objective but unfortunately the consciousness (LQ) of the masses at that time was too mediocre to trigger the process (this could be rated to a plane trying to take off at 3km/h meanwhile the average take off speed is 300km/h).

This program cannot be influenced by any external forces other than a divine intervention; and that is why the scriptures tell us that neither the hosts of heaven nor the project manager knows when exactly this will happen (there is a hierarchy set aside for this project:  In the last several months we have received wide spread messages from the Unseens (Spiritual Hierarchy, HS, …) affirming that ascension will/must take place come this december as a result of our fast progressing LQ and taking into consideration the forecasted accomplishment of the essential completions geared for the same period.

If for example all the Religions/adherents on the globe could suddenly relinquish Power & Control as well as the eradication of all associated dogmas/believe systems, mass consciousness would be immediately catapulted to exponential heights; we would right away hit the threshold leading us to an early ascension.

It is the potent influx of Light resulting from the 12:12 activation of the master crystals (at the demise of Atlantis & Co all the Light was stored in crystals in anticipation of this imminent window), the spiritual light of the photon belt encounter - galactic alignment of 12:21 as well as the 144,000 ground crew quota (heaven`s administrators at the Endtimes - PAT) that would finally provoke the ignition of this event. The higher-ups are fully conscious of this impending timeline hence they dance in joy to our future graduation. Nevertheless, they continue to supply us with sugar coated scripts (soon, the days ahead, not too distant future …) in a bid to keep us away from over anxiety/stress – matching the proverbial void slot so to speak; for if the road map is fully revealed, life may become static - void of expansion and growth for the simple reason that humankind would become apathetic.  Planet Earth`s free will status makes it difficult for the Spiritual Hierarchy/GFL to influence the timetable of these anticipated events the way we have so earnestly expected. 
It is worthwhile reiterating that the appearance of our galactic family, the expulsion of the cabals aka Illuminati  the collapse of the economy, the … is not indispensable for the unfoldment of this project, these elements are just an extended pre jamboree bonus (the arrival of GFL could be equated to our learning how to ride a bike before its purchase and the removal of the cabal to wearing our Christmas clothes before the 25th).
And So It Is !!!