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SEEDS OF AWARENESS - a must read

(Author Unknown)
A series of affirmations to assist you on your journey to Spiritual Understanding:
Problems as Lessons
The meaning to life on this third-dimensional world is to discover my true Self. I Am a multi-dimensional being of pure light energy. I express myself in a body of matter in order to progress through challenge and gain the necessary experience to raise my vibrations and merge with the Source. I welcome all problems and see each of them as stepping stones to higher awareness. Accepting and understanding each lesson enables me to find the pearl of wisdom within each problem, leading me a step closer to home.
True Intention
It is through aligning my intention with the highest will that all my future needs and circumstances will be created. A strongly willed intent to always walk in the light of truth and love will surely manifest as peace and happiness within my reality. Because of my intent to overcome ego and manifest only divine will on this material plane, I have the God-given right to expect the divine to abundantly provide for me. My intention is focused on the ultimate goal - Unity.
Connected Oneness
I am constantly aware of my connection to All That Is. I resonate with everything around me each time I reverently honour the beautiful tapestry that is Creation. I have always been, and will always be, an essential part of the Whole. There is no separation. The Creator and I are One. I am the microcosm within the macrocosm - an evolving cell within the body of the Creative Source. We are inseparably joined, united in oneness. I Am never alone for I Am at One with the entire Omniverse.
Unconditional Love
A mother loves her child unconditionally. She doesn't judge her child because she sees the child as a part of her own being. Similarly, I'm learning to look upon all my fellow men as parts of my being, and love them all unconditionally, warts and all. Unconditional love is freedom to be. It's not to be confused with the possessive love with which some people smother and/or tether their partners. There are no restrictions and no conditions on love.
Thoughts, words and actions
I continually make the effort to transcend ego and think only pure thoughts, speak only pure words and act in an understanding and love-centred manner. My thoughts, words and actions shape my reality, and so I endeavour to remind myself of this truth every minute of every day by doing and saying unto others as I would like others to do and say unto me. I make it my choice to think of others in a loving light. Love made manifest will then be reflected back to me.
Laughter and Joy
Existence was meant to be a joyful experience. A heavy heart full of self-pity, envy, anger or jealousy is a weight dragging one down into the dense vibrations of darkness. The vibrationary lightness of laughter sets me free and enables me to raise my personal vibrationary tone. The harmonics of joy vibrating within my inner being will eventually reach and resonate in tune with my higher Self. This merging, this harmonic convergence, is the joyful unification with All That Is.
Recognizing Truth
Many a being will profess to utter truths and many an ear will listen, but the true barometer of Truth is the heart.
When a truth is uttered, my heart will respond with an inner knowing. On a soul level I have access to every truth in Creation, so when I hear a truth, the heart, my soul centre, will resonate in harmony with the higher vibrations of that truth.
Words of lower vibrations cannot "ring my bells". If it doesn't ring true in my heart, I choose to release it without judgement.
Stilling the Ego
I must consciously strive to overcome and still the selfish desires of the altered-ego. The Law of Polarity states two types of ego exist on this plane; one is the divine ego, the positive spark of the God-force within me, and the other is the altered ego, the negative aspect of my personality. Doubt, fear, greed and pride are just some of the negative energies that drive the altered ego. I strive to still this negativity and allow humility and love their rightful place and purpose in my life.
My Signature Note
Each of us emits our own personal vibrationary note or tone. The Law of Resonance states I will attract into my reality people and events operating upon a similar frequency to mine. My goal, and that of all mankind, is to continue to raise this level of vibration until it resonates in tune with the higher vibrationary frequencies of Christ Consciousness. That moment of Unity will bring to an end any need for further reincarnation. Light is vibrational energy: I Am that energy. I Am the Light.
The Silent Witness
I will not become an emotional prisoner of events. Events are meaningless until my lower mind allocates an emotion-driven reaction to the event. Most emotions are based on a collection of habits and memories - a set of learned responses to a particular thought pattern. I have learnt to observe events through the eyes of a silent witness. While the emotion-driven lower self will judge the event, the God-self allows it to unfold polarity free. Allowance validates all events. 
Conflicting Personalities
The damaged child, the confused teenager, the career-driven worker, the loving partner, the guiding parent - all these inner personalities and many more, want to experience life through me. No single personality within this clamouring crowd can ever find complete fulfilment because each carries excess baggage in the form of memories and attachments to the past. When I acknowledge, then release all past memory attachments, I transcend personality into pure awareness.
Limitless Horizons
No matter where I go and where I stand, I always remain the centre of my Universe. The same infinity extends in all directions. Therefore every relative point in the cosmos becomes the one point, a focus for infinity in all directions. Limitless oneness. Space can't be boxed and measured, nor can time. If the present moment is eternal, all events must occur in the one instantaneous moment. One point is every other point surrounded by infinite Isness. I Am that one point.
Emotional Love
I might say "I am in Love" but what I am really saying is that an image I carry around inside has been satisfied. If I lack love for my Self, I form an image to fill that void. If I am shunned or betrayed by my beloved, any pain I suffer is because the gapping wound of my own need becomes exposed. Emotional love is based on an inner image of what love is thought to be. Loving unconditionally is being able to love beyond mere form. Love is not attachment - it just IS.
There is nothing "unspiritual" about desire. However, the struggle in which we sometimes embroil ourselves, blocks the energy needed to make the desire a reality. We believe we have to work, worry and struggle to get what we want. Like the person struggling to remember a name, but getting nowhere, people thrash wildly to fulfil desires, never realizing that effort is the problem, not the solution. Surrender - allow the desire to be, then let go. The Universe will provide when the time is right.
Knowing or Believing
Knowing is a feeling of recognition within my heart. A belief system is based on intellectual evaluation. A belief is limited thinking - weighed, evaluated, labelled and compartmentalized. When challenged by the winds of change, some believers seek comfort within the safety of their dogmatic belief systems. Fear of the unfamiliar creates resistance to change. I Am learning to feel the nudge of knowing within my heart. Ego may bolster beliefs - knowing manifests in Truth.
Life really is unpredictable, but because of past programming, I sometimes mistakenly try to impose some sort of restrictive order in my life. This is because the ego feels comfortable with a sense of order, but threatened by disorder. I have continually tried to control the uncontrollable. But by letting go, going with the flow and giving up control, I open up to the potential possibilities of a spontaneous, unpredictable future. I live in trust - I let go - and let God.
Relative Reality
The world around me, everything I perceive, is relative - entirely related to MY senses. What I smell, touch, taste, feel, hear and intuit. My perception of the world, and life in general, is entirely based on the viewpoint of personality, which, because of its ego-based individuality, cannot be TRUE reality. Spiritually-based reality (true reality), doesn't depend upon a viewpoint - it just IS! A true perception of reality is seeing the world as it is, and just allowing it to BE!
Limitless Expansion
As an unlimited expression of the Creator, I Am more than just my body, more than just my conscious mind. My divine expression of Self is but one facet of my limitless true being. The veil of forgetfulness and fear is being lifted and I now step forward into unlimited expansion of Self. In truth I am a powerful, multi-dimensional being, no less than the trees and the stars, and the Universe IS unfolding as it should. There is no beginning, there is no end. All is limitless expansion.
Synchronized Symphonies
In truth there are no coincidental events. Everything happens for a reason. People and events are brought together in a synchronized manner. Plans and agreements are drawn up on a soul level in order to further each individual's spiritual development. Meticulous timing in higher realms will bring about a synchronized coming together on the physical plane. All is pre-planned. Incidents are carefully orchestrated in order to gain inner wisdom through learning experiences.
Free will and free mind
My God-given right of a free will and free mind provides me with the power to create my own path through life. Giving up my empowerment to the will of others is to be avoided at all costs. Unblinkered, I will listen with tolerance to what others have to say, but discernment and intuition will prevent me from wandering off my own individual path. I will not become part of the fearful herd, but strive to uncover my life's plan by listening to my own inner feelings.
Within the knowledge of true perception there is no right or wrong. Everything happens for a reason. To judge an event or person as good or bad, right or wrong is to dwell in the world of duality. Judging one polarity as being of greater value than the other only creates an imbalance, and so I continually exercise my freedom of choice. I choose to see all events as learning experiences. My non-judgemental acceptance of events and of others will be reflected back to me.
True Perception
True perception is centred awareness. Knowing and understanding the difference between separation and oneness. The ego's false perception suggests I am a being separated from the Creator by distance. True perception opens the heart to the truth - that I am one with Creation. Each of us are, for the time being, fragmented parts of the whole. Each is an extension of pure creational energy expressing itself in matter until all learning in the school of life is completed. Fully realized, we then return home.
Allow and Validate
Each time a stressful situation presents itself, I allow the relevant emotion to surface and be recognized before I respond. If anger surfaces, I allow and validate its existence, then explore the opportunity being presented. Neutrally balanced, I then respond with my chosen, mediating preference - patient understanding. By taking responsibility for the scenario created, by conceding ownership, I am able to experience the finer vibration of the preferred reality.
All is valid, else it would not be.
Contentment through Purpose
Because of a thorough understanding of my connection to All That Is, my lower four body system has increased its light quotient and vibrational frequency. Higher levels of vibration elevate me to higher levels of connected awareness. With expanded awareness comes a growing understanding of who I Am and where I'm headed. Contentment provides a balance and an absence of fear. Contentment lies in aligning with my life's true purpose - Oneness with Creation.
All and any attachments to material objects, past events and other people serve only to hinder and limit my growth. True happiness does not lie outside of me. I choose to accept myself as I Am, knowing I Am growing into the Light more and more with each unlimited loving thought. The deluded altered ego sees the collection of outside attachments as collected happiness. The divine ego sees them as illusion. Free of encumbering attachments, I will soar beyond limitation into a full awareness of Self.
Whenever I feel anxious about the role I am playing in this production called LIFE, I consciously detach myself from the drama. Temporarily stepping off the stage, I realize that as well as being one of the actors, I am also a co-writer of the play. Each actor writes his or her role in the play. As a co-creator of the drama, I have the power to re-write my part at any time. I am also the director and can choose the direction my character takes in the play. I am solely responsible and in control. 
The perfect balance of polarities results in a state of equilibrium. I maintain a balanced state of mind where everything has an equal right to be. I live a life of simple acceptance. I live in a state of being in which my mind is totally unconcerned with judging people or conditions. I am aware that any situation or condition is but an expression of the Source, hence it is valid. I accept fear and love as equal parts of the whole. All is valid, otherwise it would not be.
In my world of true perception there are no winners, no losers, only participants in life acting out their chosen role upon the world stage. A silver coin has two sides - opposites. The two sides are essential parts of the whole. I might prefer the coin displayed two heads, but my judgement-free preference and choice does not affect the worth of the coin in any way. To prefer one situation over another is an acceptable choice as long as I do not attempt to judge and devalue the less preferred option.
A focused, healthy attitude
At all times, I maintain a healthy, happy attitude to life. Rather than bemoan the trials and tribulations of life, I choose to embrace all difficulties as opportunities to grow. I see lack simply as an opposite polarity to abundance. I live in faith of the Universe providing all my needs at all times. The Law of Supply states that a fearful focus on loss and/or limited supply, will manifest the very thing that is feared - lack. I don't stand apart from anything. Lacking nothing, I Am a part of everything!
Sowing Abundance
I understand the difference between wants and needs. I have faith in an abundant Universe which provides everything in direct proportion to my needs. I am thankful for whatever I have in life rather than complain about things I don't have. Expending energy by worrying about lack will only focus that energy and manifest more lack. I choose to focus on spiritual development by giving love and service to others. Only by giving can one expect to receive.
The Awakening
The great awakening is under way! Restrictive and negative thought forms are giving way to the new higher vibrations of Light. All around me others are slowly awakening to their divine purpose. The time has come to put aside judgements, join together and support one another. All pathways are now leading to the one destination - Unity Consciousness. I am opening myself to allow wisdom and guidance to awaken me into a greater awareness of who I Am.
The Stillness of Time
The eternal now moment is open-ended, with no beginning and no ending.
In multi-dimensional reality, the past, present and future all exist in the now moment. Illusionary linear time moves forward when I worry about the future and backwards when I remember the past. My thoughts create the illusion of time in motion. The now moment is constantly recreating itself to do with as I choose. I prefer to use this now moment to choose happiness rather than fear.
Mirror Reflections
Everyone and everything is a reflection of who I Am. We are all One. The ego sees individuals, the Self sees integral parts of the whole. To gain a clearer understanding of another is to see them through non-judging eyes. I accept that they are just like me, a divine being creating and experiencing life. By allowing them to just be, I free both them and myself. I honour their validity as equal expressions of the Source. In the absence of judgement, the clarity of true perception is reflected by one and all.
Conscious Awareness
I can't change the world, but by changing the way I think, I can change the way I perceive the world. The conscious observance of the marvels around me serve to remind me of my inner greatness, my spiritual connection to All That Is. True perception tells me every living thing IS the Universe, each wearing a different disguise. 
The miracle of a new-born baby, a bird in flight or the majesty of a star-filled night sky exemplifies Creation in motion. Conscious awareness has me connected to it all. 
Honouring Others
Rich man, beggar, criminal or saint  - all have their valid right to be. By looking past the exterior of each character in the play, I can see the bigger picture. Each player is acting out yet another episode in their self-scripted drama called Life. My ego may wish to judge, but I honour others by recognizing their Oneness with All That Is. I simply allow them to be. 
I now acknowledge and honour my unified connection with ALL life forms, both here on Earth and in the infinite Cosmos.
I Am Responsible
I Am not a victim. As a co-creator on a soul level, I Am responsible for whatever occurs in my life, be it trouble or be it joy. I do not blame others and have learnt to look for the pearl of wisdom within each scripted drama. 
Once I recognize and accept the lessons to learn, I move forward in growth and knowledge. I welcome all opportunities to grow. I transform fearful situations into learning experiences by accepting full responsibility for their creation.
Cause and Effect - Karma
Karma is not a moral issue of what's 'right' or 'wrong'. Morality is a human creation. The Universe does not judge. Newton's third law of motion states, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." It's karmic equivalent would be, "You receive from the world what you give to the world." Karma of the soul is created and balanced by the total activities of the soul's twelve personalities. The balancing of that energy may not always happen within one lifetime.
Accepting Loss
I can't lose anything because the only thing I've ever really had is my Self. Objects and possessions come and go - what always remains is the Self. Everything in Creation is made of energy - a house, a pile of money, a relationship. Some egos struggle to defend these objects from dissolution. We don't make a cloud develop and fade - it just happens. The ego readily accepts this natural law, but not about things it gets attached to. Universal law governs ALL aspects life.
Everything around me, all of Creation, is Universal Energy (God) in motion. Every person is the Creator personified, and so I choose to honour the divinity in each person I meet. Because they are just like me, I understand the divinity in whatever it is they are creating or experiencing. Reverence of the God in others engenders tolerance within me. By negating the programming of the intolerant ego, the divine Self will lovingly choose to tolerate, understand and forgive.
Changing my World
Change is the catalyst for growth. As my understanding grows, it allows me to embrace change without fear. I am learning to adapt to change and rid myself of old habits which have impeded my progress. I intentionally ask for changes to be brought into my life which are for my highest good. Only through change, the renewing of my mind, will I quicken my progress towards Unity. Only through transformation can my purpose, my life mission on Earth, be finally fulfilled. 
Surrender in Faith
Unity, oneness with All That Is, is not a destination. I am not going from 'here to there' because there is nowhere to go. The 'journey' is a belief. I have always been united with All That Is. Most of us are trying to struggle free, but it's the struggle that holds us back. I needn't struggle to be free, but simply BE "struggle-free". By letting go and focussing on the simplicity of non-striving, non-resisting surrender, the heart will hear and see what the ears and eyes could not - Oneness.
Doorways to Awareness
All painful pitfalls and disturbing experiences in my life are potential doorways to higher awareness. Each such created episode offers me a chance to see beyond the illusionary "hard-luck" stories of life. Within every negative event is the opportunity to challenge the emotion of fear and wisely choose love instead. True perception identifies each fear as it is presented, and I am empowered with an awareness that enables me, via a God-centred faith, to transmute fear to love.
The caterpillar transforms itself into a butterfly. This seemingly miraculous change is effortless and struggle-free. Evolutionary change is the inevitable destiny for all mankind; from tragic to magic; separation to oneness; fear to love; ignorance to enlightenment. My inner knowingness has changed. Where I once saw fear and struggle, I now see love and understanding. My metamorphosis has begun. I have now stepped out of the shadows and into the Light.
True intuition resonates to the vibration of Truth. The foundation of all truth is love. By attuning my mind to my God-centred inner being, I become completely open to true intuition. Living in the knowing of Universal Love, my being vibrates in resonance with Creation, allowing me to identify and utilize true intuitive powers. If motivated by ego, I lack clarity and true understanding of each lesson presented to me. Speculation is of the ego, intuition is of the Divine
Embracing Fear
I have broken down the barriers of fear. My altered ego used fear as a barrier to the Truth. My divine ego allows me to embrace all fears the moment they are born in the mind. Fear is but a thought-provoked emotion. By learning to balance fear with love - its opposite polarity, I see all of life through the knowing eyes of true perception. I do not overcome fear by pushing it away. I allow fear its validity, but I choose not to empower fear. I prefer to choose calm inner peace. Balance has its centre in choice.
Who am I?
I Am a higher consciousness who has chosen to descend into matter in order to experience. I Am a being of Light who, through the veil of third density duality, is attempting to recall my true purpose here on Earth during this period of change. I Am a spark of the divinity of God. I Am unconditional, all encompassing love. I Am peace and power and Truth. Knowing who I Am, I will shine my light brightly so that others may see and recognize their own divinity.
I live in the moment
The present is eternal because it is ever-renewing. The present has no ending. Each now moment is the present re-creating itself over and over again. My past is a collection of excess baggage; old memories and habits that obstruct and hinder me on my path. The old makes way for the new. Each now moment is the new world in creation. I choose to embrace each renewed moment with faith and joyful intent. I care not for the past nor the future. I live standing in the now.
Living in Faith
The apparent lack of faith shown by others, presents itself as the opposite polarity to my faith. I neither judge nor fear them, nor do I attempt to convert them. By living my faith by example, others may come to seek their own truth. My faith expands exponentially as I turn new knowledge into wisdom. As I begin to understand and live in the knowledge of the higher frequencies, my vibration intensifies and becomes finer. The cycle is nearing completion. I am going home.
Harmony and balance
Harmony and Balance exists throughout all of Creation - from the microcosm of the atom to the macrocosm of the planets and galaxies in motion. I allow harmony and balance into my life by simply letting everything be and going with the flow. The erratic driver, the rude salesperson, the brutal mugger, all are valid parts of the whole. Rather than judge their actions, true perception honours each soul's right to experience every facet of life on Earth. Through allowance I maintain harmony and balance.
Sowing Abundance
I understand the difference between wants and needs. I have faith in an abundant Universe which provides everything in direct proportion to my needs. I am thankful for whatever I have in life rather than complain about things I don't have. Expending energy by worrying about lack will only focus that energy and manifest more lack. I choose to focus on spiritual development by giving love and service to others. Only by giving can I expect to receive.
A life of Contrast
I am here to learn by experiencing contrast. Only after experiencing the darkness of fear am I able to fully appreciate the magical light of love. Having experienced the contrast between the polarities of love and fear, and made love my preference, I now know what to seek and what to avoid. I allow fear its right to exist as a valid part of the whole, but prefer to bathe in the light of love. Rather than give energy to fear by denying its existence, I simply prefer love.
Power of Thought
I am a co-creator and as such I create my own individual version of reality. The world I see is the world in me. Aware of my ability to manifest via thought, I strive to think only positive, judgement-free thoughts. Because I am aware my thoughts have the power to influence my reality, I accept that whatever I consciously focus upon is what I will draw towards me. My world of reality thus becomes one of abundance and happiness because I choose to think it so. I am an unlimited creative being.
Author Unknown

Monday, February 20, 2012

Strange Sounds in the Universe

The Song/Dance of the Universe – Infinite Frequency Gestalt

For quite a while now some entities have been hearing strange/foreign sounds emanating from the core of the universe - our sacred geometry template (Sacred geometry is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to reach beyond the physical and awaken the divine within. It is the core-fabric of all realities - the language, the reality algorithm of the universe). These frequencies vary wrt our various perceptible band and location as a result of divers activities taking place in our galaxy as we move closer and closer to the ascension finish line. Below are some of the causes of these sounds amongst a plethora of this intriguing phenomenon:

-          Harmonics from intense solar activities (CME) as a result of frequency mixing/multiplication – Intermodulation. During this period of increased CME, the sun radiates a vast spectrum of frequencies - sounds in the audible range. Light/sound components are always present in all etheric activities - light is inaudible sound and sound invisible light; they coexist in the same medium and occupy the same spectrum. When a stream of light leaves the central sun, it travels through a multitude of media before reaching the earth and every time there is a difference in the propagation milieu (varying refractive index) harmonics are generated.

-          Gaia is shifting and raising her vibrations analogous to the other kingdoms on earth.  She is setting/fine tuning her energy field/template (processor clock frequency) to the unity timeline - Crystalline Grid Carrier thereby giving rise to the sounds we are hearing - harmonics and side bands resulting from this calibration. It is this upgrade/frequency rise of her clock frequency that is responsible for the speeding up of time as we now experience in 3D and the sounds we hear are similar to the high pith tones/ringing in the ears we sometimes experience in the LBP (this phenomenon presents a vast playing ground for HAARP as they strive to crack these bands in a bid to retrieve inherent data embedded in these sounds/frequencies/harmonics – Gaia`s signature tone in order to influence/manipulate vital parameters for evil gains).

-          It is now very evident that we are currently moving through the final days of our third dimensional experience on planet earth – moving towards the separation point which will result in the manifestation of several frequency bands. Prominent in this separation will be two extensions known as planet A and planet B; and the tearing apart of this present configuration in order to birth the new paradigm is producing new elements of light/sound – the resultant harmonics of this split we now hear as strange sounds.

A Harmonic is a single oscillation whose frequency is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency, the partials of a fundamental tone. We are therefore harmonics of the Source (All That Is) frequency/fundamental – divine sparks. Harmonics are Holographic in nature hence they carry info/data/ID related to the fundamental.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Etheric Visualization – The Universal Torus

Ether (scientifically-speaking) is known to be the stuff between spaces – a hypothetical substance supposed to occupy all space. Some traditions have called it the God Particle – the underlining infinite universal force (spiritual energy), the substance/intelligence that keeps things in harmony/balance in all of creation hence responsible for all ESP phenomena. We are permanently immersed/surrounded by an infinite encompassing field called the God wave aka the Universal Torus; and Gravity is just one of its 3D components - harmonics.

We all know from quantum physics that everything (matter) in the universe is comprised of energy, and this energy is in perpetual movement/oscillation due to the agitated molecules – electrons, protons .. (the difference between the atoms of gold and that of wood is that they vibrate at different frequencies – one is less dense than the other and the denser, the lower the vibration/frequency – 3D vs 5D). It has also been established that anything that carries a varying energy/current generates an electromagnetic field hence the big discovery – every single existing thing (plants, animals, minerals, moon, sun – matter) in the universe possesses an aura – an electromagnetic field of varying magnitude.
Our body consists of four basic components: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. These are sustained by the etheric field. The etheric component is piloted by our chakra system – energy centers/accumulators in conjunction with specific internal organs serving as a matrix interface to the energy world.
During normal working life energy flows into our bodies from Source, Gaia, CME, Cosmic down loads, Shift, Grids, etc. This energy is processed by our chakras thereby giving rise to a resultant complex wave called our signature tone or registration. This energy field is unique for each individual. The electromagnetic field associated with this current produces the aura. The absence of Source consciousness, spiritual work/practice keeps the chakras closed – atrophied. As part of the Light Body Process (LBP) the heart chakra begins to open to the harmonization of a unified matrix by incorporating the lower three chakras and bringing them into resonance with the three upper chakras – whenever we move Love in our hearts all other chakras are affected.
In middle school physics experiments we created a magnetic field by placing a permanent bar magnet beneath a paper carrying iron fillings. We change the direction of this field by simply reversing the north and south poles of the magnet. Each reversal corresponds to one cycle – a frequency of 1Hz. Now imagine and visualize the resultant wave pattern – electromagnetic field generated if this process is reversed a thousand, million, billion of times (every time an electric or magnetic field is switched, an electromagnet field is created).

We can now move forward, enhance our visualization skills from the above preamble by examining the architecture of the human aura. Let us start this exercise by putting water in a basin about the size of our shape – an oval basin of say 4 by 2 meters. We will proceed by throwing pebbles into this basin of water one after another and corresponding to the different positions of our chakras as best as we can gauge. We will start with the middle/heart chakra since it produces the biggest contribution to the auric pattern. As the pebble drops in the water, transverse waves (concentric circles) are generated moving away from the center of the basin. By throwing the second pebble corresponding to the next chakra we will produce a second pattern which will be an interaction of the two individual transverse wave’s family. So we will now try to throw the seven or twelve pebbles as the case maybe into the basin at the same time and corresponding to the exact position of the chakras (more chakras appear in the scene as we master our LBP).
The resultant pattern produced by the interaction of each wave with respect to the others is exactly how our aura pattern will look like and taking into consideration that our body currents produced from these energy centers (chakras) are changing all the time (with our thoughts, modes, integrity, standing waves), the resultant composite electromagnetic wave will describe a complex pattern. It is interesting that this auric signal is a harmonic of the god fundamental wave – the universal aura/torus hence holographic (any part/element/trace/harmonic of this wave at any point in the universe contains the Original).
It is through the hooking up of our personal auras to the universal torus that our connection to Source is activated. Balancing the chakras enhances this connection. Ringing in the ears/high pitch tones is due to harmonics resulting from the fine tuning of our signature tone to the unity timeline/divine torus as we raise our light quotient (LQ). Our individual fields/torus is omnidirectional in nature or rather in the static mode; and can be focused, rendered directional – sent to any target through our thought process/manipulating our internal rhythm. This said field/torus pattern is also permanently modulated by the numerous energy downloads of the LBP yielding Merkaba/LQ upgrades and the symptoms we are presently experiencing.
We should deploy this etheric visualization exercise to enhance our understanding of the song/dance of the universe – the infinite frequency gestalt; and remember to constantly balance our chakras in order to facilitate the union of both fields (personal aura to universal torus) in order to rip maximum benefits (wholeness, enhanced LQ, …) – immaculate energy configuration.
Chakra Balancing
Chakra balancing – activating the free flow of these frequencies in our energy network is the pinnacle of human health and wellness. Energy Medicine has proven beyond all doubts that all diseases originate from our inflicted etheric bodies primarily from the negative effects of what is known as Standing Waves. This healing modality therefore utilizes the science of meditation through sound, color, crystals, etc to create a field/current of similar magnitude but with an opposite phase to counteract/balance the chakras hence restoring their normal working conditions – a state of natural body current flow.
Energy Dialysis
This second modality which calls for enhanced visualization skills requires the conditioned soul to Intend, Visualize and Implement, creating a universal energy grid – generally know as white light (tapping from the universal torus), channeling this grid current through the chakras – flushing out the standing waves so to speak, combing out the aura and sending these negatives currents to ground/Gaia through root like tentacles. Further visualizing these currents reprocessed by Gaia and sent back to the energy network through the first chakra thereby completing the dialysis circuit.
Standing Waves
Negative energy produced in our energy network as a result of miscreations – dysfunctional /blocked/stagnant/stray energy associated to fear, unforgiveness, judgment, resentment, stress, etc.
A Harmonic is a single oscillation whose frequency is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency, the partials of a fundamental tone. We are therefore harmonics of the Source frequency/fundamental – divine sparks. We know from Quantum physics through Holograms that harmonics carry the information/quality/identity of the fundamental wave - we are created in God`s image. The frequency we know as the love frequency – 528 Hz is just a harmonic of unconditional love - Christ Consciousness, the unity time line frequency. In the same light, one can tap into any Ray/Color associated to any Angel or Ascended Masters to reap the corresponding goals because every ray is comprised of harmonics of each other.

Sound to Color/Color to Sound Conversion – the frequency world/Game

Frequency/Vibrations - Energy:
The electromagnetic spectrum aka universal torus is a range of frequencies covering a very large band – from zero to infinity divided into bands and sub-bands. This spectrum comprises: Sound, Radio Waves, Infrared, Color/Light, Ultraviolet, X-rays, Gamma-rays, ……..

A Harmonic is a single oscillation whose frequency is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency, the partials of a fundamental tone. We are therefore harmonics of the Source (All That Is) frequency/fundamental – divine sparks. It is worthwhile mentioning here that harmonics carry the information/quality/identity of the fundamental (we are created in God`s image); so the frequency we know as the love frequency – 528 Hz is just a harmonic of unconditional love/Christ Consciousness, the unity time line frequency (144Octave). In the same light, one can tap into any Ray/Color associated to any Angel or Ascended Masters to reap the corresponding goals because every ray is comprised of harmonics of each other.

Every single element/aspect in the universe is comprised of frequencies; our physical senses/organs all have converters that convert information like sound, light, smell, and taste into electrical signals/pulses transported by the nerves to the brain for processing. Since harmonics carry information innate to the fundamental, the entity can enjoy the benefits of the original through this formula; hence aspects associated to sound or color can be assimilated by way of these harmonics and vice versa - converting pink frequency to sound as the case maybe and bearing in mind that the brain like the subconscious mind does not discriminate processed info (ie, the benefits from listening to subliminal tones while asleep or being soaked by a lamp producing violet flames will yield similar results depending on the mind`s expectations). Sound is color we cannot see and color is sound we cannot hear – they are all harmonics of the universal gestalt.

Quantum physics:
Quantum physics is a branch of science that deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta. It is the study of the behavior of matter and energy at the molecular, atomic, nuclear, and even smaller microscopic levels (sub-atomic). In the realm of quantum physics, observing something actually influences the physical processes taking place. Light waves act like particles and particles act like waves (called wave particle duality). Matter can go from one spot to another without moving through the intervening space (called quantum tunneling). Information moves instantly across vast distances. In fact, in quantum mechanics we discover that the entire universe is actually a series of probabilities.

Quantum mechanics had enormous success in explaining many of the features of our world. The individual behavior of the subatomic particles that make up all forms of matter—electrons, protons, neutrons, photons and others—can often only be satisfactorily described using quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics has strongly influenced the string theory, a candidate for a theory of everything (Unified Theory/Law of One) and the multiverse hypothesis (Hologram) - it contains many clues as to the fundamental nature of the universe. Furthermore, it describes the nature of the universe as being much different than the world we see.

 The Ether (hypothetical substance supposed to occupy all space – universal Torus) element is what has recently been classified by scientist as the God Particle – the underlining infinite universal force (spiritual energy), the substance/intelligence that keeps things in harmony/balance in all of creation hence responsible for all ESP phenomena.

Zero Point Field:
Quantum Physics has revealed an energy field at the base of everything we know called the Zero Point Field – Singularity – Unity - Oneness. This Field connects all aspects of the universe, and everything that makes up our reality. This is where all knowledge, action, and thought are connected. Imagine a web of energy connecting everything at the base level of all that is. This is where we find absolute resonance/perfect balance – a condition where we are exposed to the infinite All (energy, connection – Portals/Vortexes …). There is one underlying field of energy - the Zero Point Field that pervades everything, a state of absolute Neutrality/Balance commonly known as “the still point in time" which gives purpose and unity to our world.

Light Quotient, Light Body Process and Kundalini

I would love to throw in my contribution to the ongoing forum discussions concerning levels of spiritual consciousness know as the Light Quotient vs the Kundalini. It is interesting to observe that both aspects dwell on the same component – Light/Energy. Btw, our LQ index has been up till now discussed/indicated in linear terms as features in Dr. Hawkins`s works but nevertheless, this could be converted to frequency levels – Octaves and in particular that we are dealing with etheric/non linear aspects of evolution. Nevertheless, Hawkins`s 1000point reference has also been deployed by other teachers using the figure 1/Unity as their reference. In light worker circles, we would often encounter LQ reference points like the 144Octave which is a harmonic of the OM wave (Omniscient Moment).

It is common place and for purposes of easy representation to use indexes to translate the real value of standards in our present society; the Richter scale as represented in earthquakes is a logarithmic image of the value itself and this to bypass the use of cumbersome figures. 
The LQ is our spiritual barometer, hence a paramount indicator of our performance all through this journey. Ascension agendas of previous traditions have called these steps of progression Jacob`s ladder in a bid to simplify the afore mentioned grading system. It helps us to understand how much progress we are integrating in this process of reconnection to Source, and precisely now through Ascension. So our LQ and LBP (light body process) go hand in hand – they are intricately connected.  I have heard that psychics/scribes can visit one`s akashic record with permission of course in order to read their progress chart, a graph which is permanently upgraded as we integrate more light into our system.

Kundalini Rising
Kundalini rising can be likened to the process very well know in electric circuit applications called Resonance. Our energy centers – Chakras operate individually as well as collectively; this is to say that the composite EM field called aura or signature tone is the combination of all the fields of the separate centers.
So raising our kundalini would entail the tuning up of our individual chakras to resonance, the ideal condition of all energy systems – producing/enhancing maximum current flow in our energy network. This operation corresponds to the moment of awakening, when the Kundalini Fire ignites in the root chakra and moves up the spine through the chakra system, opening the Seven Seals of Higher Consciousness. It is for this reason that teachers often advise not to raise the kundalini without training because this resonant current maybe too high for our systems to accommodate hence the possibility of frying our cells. Kundalini rising therefore is part and parcel of our LPB or rather is the ultimate – the conclusion of our LBP. Those that have succeeded in raising their kundalini have hit the threshold of the ascension ladder. Raising our kundalini goes with numerous benefits – we become whole/purified, our energy network begins to function in a quasi ideal manner – equivalent to replacing all the parts of a device with new ones – our frequency gets broadcasted better/further and can be perceived/influence our entourage. The kundalini is considered by most eastern philosophy as the lying serpent – sleeping in the sense that we all poses this spiritual energy which needs activation/resonance to get it flowing and also we know that this energy if not harnessed could cause damage to our energy system as portrayed in the vulnerability of snakes.

 In the regular practice of Yoga our spiritual capacities as well as a high state of consciousness (Samadi) are enhanced by favoring the smooth flow of life force – Kundalini activation. Yoga is also considered by some groups as service or worship and one of its divisions called Tantra focuses on raising the consciousness through sexuality – the sacred union between the divine feminine/divine masculine – the twin flame encounter - from love to super consciousness so to speak. This system was reactivated in the west some 2000yrs ago by the Female Avatar (Mary M) but unfortunately suppressed by some overzealous cleric power mongers. Nevertheless, tantric exponents are increasing by the numbers as we expand and integrate higher truths. I have heard that to bring back some of the balance that is needed on earth at this time calls for the activation of wide spread twin flame love configurations.