Monday, February 20, 2012

Strange Sounds in the Universe

The Song/Dance of the Universe – Infinite Frequency Gestalt

For quite a while now some entities have been hearing strange/foreign sounds emanating from the core of the universe - our sacred geometry template (Sacred geometry is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to reach beyond the physical and awaken the divine within. It is the core-fabric of all realities - the language, the reality algorithm of the universe). These frequencies vary wrt our various perceptible band and location as a result of divers activities taking place in our galaxy as we move closer and closer to the ascension finish line. Below are some of the causes of these sounds amongst a plethora of this intriguing phenomenon:

-          Harmonics from intense solar activities (CME) as a result of frequency mixing/multiplication – Intermodulation. During this period of increased CME, the sun radiates a vast spectrum of frequencies - sounds in the audible range. Light/sound components are always present in all etheric activities - light is inaudible sound and sound invisible light; they coexist in the same medium and occupy the same spectrum. When a stream of light leaves the central sun, it travels through a multitude of media before reaching the earth and every time there is a difference in the propagation milieu (varying refractive index) harmonics are generated.

-          Gaia is shifting and raising her vibrations analogous to the other kingdoms on earth.  She is setting/fine tuning her energy field/template (processor clock frequency) to the unity timeline - Crystalline Grid Carrier thereby giving rise to the sounds we are hearing - harmonics and side bands resulting from this calibration. It is this upgrade/frequency rise of her clock frequency that is responsible for the speeding up of time as we now experience in 3D and the sounds we hear are similar to the high pith tones/ringing in the ears we sometimes experience in the LBP (this phenomenon presents a vast playing ground for HAARP as they strive to crack these bands in a bid to retrieve inherent data embedded in these sounds/frequencies/harmonics – Gaia`s signature tone in order to influence/manipulate vital parameters for evil gains).

-          It is now very evident that we are currently moving through the final days of our third dimensional experience on planet earth – moving towards the separation point which will result in the manifestation of several frequency bands. Prominent in this separation will be two extensions known as planet A and planet B; and the tearing apart of this present configuration in order to birth the new paradigm is producing new elements of light/sound – the resultant harmonics of this split we now hear as strange sounds.

A Harmonic is a single oscillation whose frequency is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency, the partials of a fundamental tone. We are therefore harmonics of the Source (All That Is) frequency/fundamental – divine sparks. Harmonics are Holographic in nature hence they carry info/data/ID related to the fundamental.

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