Monday, December 31, 2012

Cracking the Ascension Band – Tuning to the Higher Dimensions

Ascension 101 as we all know is a return to love, the transition/graduation into a higher vibrating frequency version or rather band of Earth – bringing Heaven to Earth.
The fundamental purpose of life here in 3D is love – learning, teaching and experiencing love in all its myriad forms (resolving energies). The harmonic convergence of 1987 was lunched to enhance our return to love paradigm aka ascension. It is for this reason therefore that whenever love principles of a collective experience a decline the boss sends out an avatar to come do some rekindling work – return to love.
The space in which we are right now is crammed with frequencies corresponding to divers stations aka services: AM (MW, SW…), FM, TV, Microwave, Security… For us to listen or watch our desired program, we just need to tune to the right frequency/channel. So in effect all the dimensions are here and now and vibrating/tuning to the corresponding band will lead us there/home. Dogs for example are endowed with 4D vision, they would sense/bark at astral entities oblivion to us. Although we all operate in 3D, some have noticed time accelerating meanwhile others say nothing significant is happening to time as we know it; this phenomenon like many others depends on the way we perceive things – our energy channel/template.
 The cosmic almanac through the grace of sacred geometry* (10:10:10, 11:11:11, 12:12:12…) was designed by the hierarchy as potent windows to facilitate our tuning process –with 12:21:12 featuring as the period were all entities (conscious or unconscious) would be injected/vaccinated with an ascension pulse, given the opportunity to ascend – the cutting of the ribbon so to speak. This was the moment our united LW decision was endorsed to bring/guide the whole collective of humanity through the ascension portal (I have heard that our present delay is partially due to the fact that enough potential souls were not mobilized to traverse the gates).
Two very important parameters come into play here wrt tuning our receivers: the sensitivity of our etheric bodies and the quality of our receivers - how much love we can accommodate/manipulate. We should bear in mind that we are all different/unique, on divers healing paths hence our sensitivity would vary considerably.
Although we presently operate in 3D, the energy work Ascensionees have been carrying out all this while makes it possible for their energy pedestal to cross the fringes of higher dimensions thereby picking up glimpses/harmonics from these planes – we have earlier called this the one leg in one leg out dance (vacillating between 3D/5D). The high pitch tones we hear from time to time is the resultant of this tuning process – fine tuning our personal energy template to the 5D… beacon/unity timeline.   
Following the inauguration of the said season - the 12:21 timeline, we will start sensing/living more and more of 5D… as we become experts in tuning and for the simple reason that the portals are now fully opened. Those that were privileged to sense the energies of 12:21 are not a chosen few, they as just a little more sensitive than the others as boosted by the difference in levels of spiritual awareness and integration. As we move further away into 2013 and beyond more ascensionees will start living this 5D… reality – our new home to be. The 12:21 portal brought in a new vista, a paragon of love… which will eventually become visible to all as we continue forging ahead this eternal mysterious journey fraught with Surprises. 
It is primordial to reiterate here that ascension is not a destination or a physical location; it is a state of consciousness as was highlighted some 2000yrs ago by Jesua to the Pharisees - ``God`s kingdom isn`t something you can see. God`s kingdom is here with you``. They though ascension to the kingdom would move them to some material location aka Heaven.
The more we play with these tools (surrender, gratitude, non-attachment, goodwill…) the easier the ride, the easier the access. Operating from 5D… gives us multiple advantages – multidimensionality amongst others; making it possible for one to return to 3D if they do so desire.
And so it is as we continue our sojourn to oneness modulated by the Shiva dance – polarity integration/equanimity; and hoping our 3D planet will be transformed into paradise soonest in order to keep the weary hearts alive.
Happy New Beginning.

*If this periodicity of energy downloads was not regulated by the said complex algorithm aka sacred geometry our cells would be fried dry. This experiment carried out in the early 20th century can best explain this dilemma were giant rats orgasmic nerves were externally connected through an electrode by a remote switch placed near their reach; to the researchers utter dismay the rats were all found dead after a few hours. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ascension Finish Line/Take-Off Procedures - PROTOCOLS !!!

Taxing before Take-Off : lectures. html

A fair bit of what I have been guided to write in this blog has been summarized in the above link; incidentally, AA Micheal is my team leader - I now swim in profound joy to the source of all these contributions.