Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Interdimensional Split – Separation of Worlds

As we go to press, we should bear in mind that the template of Ascension Planet A (Terra Nova) has already been completed – exist as a standalone unit configured to accommodate the early birds through Gaia portals/Rainbow Bridge. She is presently just waiting for the final call sign/trigger to tear away from 3D. As a matter of fact, some clairvoyant scribes have recently visited her marvelous new architecture through interdimensional roves.

Planet Earth plus her expanded consciousness is about to live the most profound planetary alignment ever, we are now as close as the hum can reach – virtually smelling the 12:21:2012 window/energy field of the december alignment with the Central Sun through the inherent 26,000yr cycle/timeline (with several major cycles winding up in synchronicity). This impending Galactic Eclipse - multidimensional shift will herald the proverbial Earth changes of the End Times – the turning point pedestal – the zero point take off aka the new beginnings.

Taking into consideration that every celestial alignment contains harmonics/side bands, the effects of Alcyone`s astro surge will swing in before and after the real event; signifying that the effects will be felt before and after the marker. So in effect these energies (the imminent total eclipse of our Sun vs the Central Sun) have been around for a while and will linger in the Earth`s energetic realm for a short while after the eclipse.

Since the advent of the separation of worlds aka ID Split in our almanacs - on how the shift/ascension will effectively be manifested come 12:21:12; I have very much enjoyed Barbara`s interpretation (painted in scope & color), hence I am hereby attaching below for our lenses/filters.

Portal for one year by Barbara

The star elders/hosts of heaven have repeatedly reminded us that dec 2012 is not the end of the world but a new beginning and a portal will be open for about a year until 2013 for those who are ready.

This portal will gradually narrow say each week after 2012, making it harder to jump through. It's not like, on December 21st 2012, a door opens, stays open for precisely 12 months, and then slams shut.

The simplest way of seeing it is, imagine you are on a ship, the "Old Earth." For a short period of time, another ship, "New Earth", is docking next to it, is parallel to it. (This isn't a one-day thing. New Earth is already there, and those people standing on deck can see it, and are poised, just waiting for the optimum moment to jump). Announcements have been broadcast for quite a long time over the tannoy on Old Earth, saying that the new ship is approaching, and that anyone who wants to transfer to it should go upstairs on deck.

Many people are lining the deck, because they've noticed that Old Earth is going backwards, has holes in the hull, that the captain and his officers are insane, violent alcoholics, that water is flooding their cabins, and the food is awful. Other passengers haven't noticed, and are down inside Old Earth, playing in the casino, or watching movies laid on to distract them. (The shipping line aka Illuminati do *not* want their paying passengers to defect to New Earth, as they will lose the revenue from them).

People are told that to leap to the new ship, they must be light enough, not weighed down by baggage, and they must let go of anything and anyone on the old ship. You can jump with a young child or a baby, because you can strap them to your back; you can't jump if you are holding hands with an adult who does not want to come with you, who is even trying to drag you back. You can point to the new ship, urge them to make the leap with you.......but ultimately everyone makes his or her own decision. 

You have to be wearing fairly lightweight clothes. Someone very overweight, in a heavy overcoat secretly stuffed with gold bars (power, control, anger, greed, judgment, unforgiveness, etc), isn't going to be able to make it. Your 'clothing' is your thoughts and feelings (aura, energy-body); if they are too heavy and dense, they weigh you down. If you're too attached to and interested in what's happening on the Old Earth ship, then you're like someone deep in the bowels of the Old Earth ship, hypnotized and forgetting that you have to go up on deck.

Some people will die (of old age, sickness, etc), before they can make the jump. These are like people who metaphorically fall into the water. They'll be picked up, dried and given a fresh suit of clothes: they'll reincarnate either on Old or New Earth, depending, just as with the others, on, a) their decision, and b) their readiness.

The New Earth ship is here alongside right now, and by December a lot of people will have transferred to it. (The ditherers will be encouraged by seeing their loved ones waving at them happily, & saying, "It's wonderful on here! Just let go of that grand piano you're clutching at, and come on over!")

December 2012 marks the moment when the two ships will begin to separate again. At first the gap will still be leap-able, but it widens relentlessly, until only the very strong and fit - and desperate - can jump across. But there's a point where the ships are now too far apart........finally, the New Earth ship will be out of sight. Those left behind who see too late that they made a mistake, aren't lost; they'll die eventually, and will get the chance to work on themselves, shed their baggage, and reincarnate on the New Earth.

Many of the troubles and crises on this present earth are serving a good purpose; in making people realize that they are better-off making themselves fit for 'emigration' to the New Earth. So trying to pray for/'fix'/force through solutions for the 3D Old Earth, is a misunderstanding of the situation. Those on the New Earth have access to other 'ships' (worlds), too.......unlike the old earth, they are freed from quarantine. It's very happy there, once you get the courage to jump across! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Frequency of the VOID is Morphing

The frequency of the void is revving high gear with excitement as we draw closer and closer to the finish line, as our internal clocks/barometer continue to sense the reality/immensity of what is about to unfold. However, large pockets of fear, doubt and uncertainty looms within certain quarters as to how the end game will coalesce wrt the prevailing prophecies. It is very disturbing to reckon that no one in 3D land has the complete plot – answers to all the questions, the higher-ups quibble as well because this event is a `grand premier` (one of the reasons for the immense diversity/disparity in channeled messages).

For a couple of weeks running, Lightworkers have noticed a positive mutation surrounding the Void; the finish line colors are getting brighter by the day. Some have gone as far as rehearsing ascension interstellar protocols thanks to our intricate connection to the light/process.

Many Ascensionees are finding their field surrounded by a new energy, an energy of excitement - anticipation of something really gorgeous around the corner – Saturday night fever syndrome. Those swimming in impatience are rather praying that this energy band should be cracked even before the close of the ascension timeline.

We have been recently inundated with praises from on high wrt to the remarkable progress so far achieved - as witnessed in our LQ and periplum. We are now being informed that we have crossed the rubicon, hit the threshold; we have finally attained the quota. We have fought the great fight and accomplished our mission and we are now just waiting for the end of the dec. solstice timeline.

Vacillating between dimensions/timelines as manifested in the one leg in one leg out dance is the tune of the day; and it is for this reason that some LWs are experiencing short term memory loss, poor vision, feeling of disorientation - experiencing a disconnect...

The quarantining/containment of our dark friends have further enhanced/consolidated our 4D template/bridge (Rainbow) as well as our portals. And all that is left for us to do now is just to relax in our limbos – celebrating our last 3D moments in perpetual love, joy and grace; otherwise our related upheavals will be accentuated.

Our present status quo can very well be painted through the contours of an exotic holiday trip:
We have just accomplished our holiday  arrangements - we have purchased/confirmed our reservations, travelled to the airport, gotten our boarding pass and now waiting in the travel lounge with lots of enthusiasm for the arrival of the craft which would lead us to our new resort.
So in a similar manner, the triggering of the essential completions come 12:21:12 will put the final brush on our sagas. The potent influx of cosmic light energies resulting from the proverbial galactic alignment aka photon belt encounter (PBE)* will serve as the craft that will finally pull us out of this toxic paradigm to the higher dimensions. At the moment of the Interdimensional split aka separation of worlds, several gateways will open for a considerable interval, leading us to higher-density consciousness and we will align with the gateway that best support our most dominant awareness frequency. This is how our transition will be activated and sustained within the confines of the omniscient divine blueprint.

It is to this effect therefore that we are being urged to get all hands on deck, to awaken the last batch of volunteers in order to complete the show. We should bear in mind that it is darkest before dawn hence some will continue to experience an eclectic split wrt the manner in which the last upheavals are being integrated. However, total surrender (the master key) will take us a long way in this endeavor. The good news here is that the astro surge/influx of the 12:21 pivotal window is comprehensive enough to take care of any residual karmas as well as unpolished lightbodies.  

Lightworker: Star Seed, Blue Rays, Rainbow Warriors, Unconscious - Unclassified.
Star Seed: 144K - Blue Rays, Rainbow Warriors…
Blue Rays: Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow…
Rainbow Warriors: Ascension bridge/portal builders, Gatekeepers, Wayshowers.
1st Wave: +/- 1950, 2nd Wave: +/- 1990

PS: The fine details of the end game gestalt have been coded for some last minute surprise in a bid to discourage wide spread apathetic feat – tutorials/exams without manuals.

*This transformation of man, the rebirthing of planet Earth is what Christian Scientists have described as the photon belt encounter (Christus) - the Second Coming of Christ; Christ here meaning a state of being/consciousness - the "Christ office". Astronomers have often described this phenomenon as the imminent collision of our solar system by an electromagnetic cloud - CME from Alcyone; the alignment of our solar system to the Galactic center/equator - Galactic Eclipse. This event is supposed to be the true nature of the ascension or rapture; well known in the prophecies of Christianity (The photon belt is a field of very high vibratory light/frequency which enhances the spiritual condition of planets on entry.

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