Friday, February 10, 2012

Light Quotient, Light Body Process and Kundalini

I would love to throw in my contribution to the ongoing forum discussions concerning levels of spiritual consciousness know as the Light Quotient vs the Kundalini. It is interesting to observe that both aspects dwell on the same component – Light/Energy. Btw, our LQ index has been up till now discussed/indicated in linear terms as features in Dr. Hawkins`s works but nevertheless, this could be converted to frequency levels – Octaves and in particular that we are dealing with etheric/non linear aspects of evolution. Nevertheless, Hawkins`s 1000point reference has also been deployed by other teachers using the figure 1/Unity as their reference. In light worker circles, we would often encounter LQ reference points like the 144Octave which is a harmonic of the OM wave (Omniscient Moment).

It is common place and for purposes of easy representation to use indexes to translate the real value of standards in our present society; the Richter scale as represented in earthquakes is a logarithmic image of the value itself and this to bypass the use of cumbersome figures. 
The LQ is our spiritual barometer, hence a paramount indicator of our performance all through this journey. Ascension agendas of previous traditions have called these steps of progression Jacob`s ladder in a bid to simplify the afore mentioned grading system. It helps us to understand how much progress we are integrating in this process of reconnection to Source, and precisely now through Ascension. So our LQ and LBP (light body process) go hand in hand – they are intricately connected.  I have heard that psychics/scribes can visit one`s akashic record with permission of course in order to read their progress chart, a graph which is permanently upgraded as we integrate more light into our system.

Kundalini Rising
Kundalini rising can be likened to the process very well know in electric circuit applications called Resonance. Our energy centers – Chakras operate individually as well as collectively; this is to say that the composite EM field called aura or signature tone is the combination of all the fields of the separate centers.
So raising our kundalini would entail the tuning up of our individual chakras to resonance, the ideal condition of all energy systems – producing/enhancing maximum current flow in our energy network. This operation corresponds to the moment of awakening, when the Kundalini Fire ignites in the root chakra and moves up the spine through the chakra system, opening the Seven Seals of Higher Consciousness. It is for this reason that teachers often advise not to raise the kundalini without training because this resonant current maybe too high for our systems to accommodate hence the possibility of frying our cells. Kundalini rising therefore is part and parcel of our LPB or rather is the ultimate – the conclusion of our LBP. Those that have succeeded in raising their kundalini have hit the threshold of the ascension ladder. Raising our kundalini goes with numerous benefits – we become whole/purified, our energy network begins to function in a quasi ideal manner – equivalent to replacing all the parts of a device with new ones – our frequency gets broadcasted better/further and can be perceived/influence our entourage. The kundalini is considered by most eastern philosophy as the lying serpent – sleeping in the sense that we all poses this spiritual energy which needs activation/resonance to get it flowing and also we know that this energy if not harnessed could cause damage to our energy system as portrayed in the vulnerability of snakes.

 In the regular practice of Yoga our spiritual capacities as well as a high state of consciousness (Samadi) are enhanced by favoring the smooth flow of life force – Kundalini activation. Yoga is also considered by some groups as service or worship and one of its divisions called Tantra focuses on raising the consciousness through sexuality – the sacred union between the divine feminine/divine masculine – the twin flame encounter - from love to super consciousness so to speak. This system was reactivated in the west some 2000yrs ago by the Female Avatar (Mary M) but unfortunately suppressed by some overzealous cleric power mongers. Nevertheless, tantric exponents are increasing by the numbers as we expand and integrate higher truths. I have heard that to bring back some of the balance that is needed on earth at this time calls for the activation of wide spread twin flame love configurations.

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