Friday, February 10, 2012

Connecting to the our Divinity

As above so below

All Entities are intricately connected to Source by way of the universal torus and this is manifested as the God spark within our etheric body/system; it is therefore adamant that we recognize this connection by synchronizing our light to this infinite Server in order to reap the benefits. It’s sad to remark that a good majority of souls complete their journey here without activating this aspect of their lives – they ignore this opportunity thereby letting their divine abilities to atrophy. Their chakras are said to be closed and opening or balancing of these centers is a very exhilarating experience leading us to wholeness.

Going down to basics and for purposes of attempting to understand infinite concepts through finite minds, we will liken the global human structure/architecture to a simple cellular phone system. Each phone comprises a SIM card – subscriber identification module associated to a local processor which links it to the nearest Cell (cluster) hence the cellular network main switch or server. In a like manner, all entities through this divine spark/wave are connected through their Higherself, Overself and Monards to Infinite Being/Cosmic Consciousness. And the quality of this link/transmission determines the prowess of activities like prayer, meditation, … . 

Our energy network functions through energy centers/accumulators called chakras (seven initially visible but now twelve with our enhanced light quotient poised for Ascension). These chakras operate independently as well as collectively – what we know as our energy signature/registration is the complex wave resulting from the combination of their individual fields. This field is analogous to an electromagnetic wave flashing in and around our physical bodies - the Aura. By analyzing this composite/complex signal of our energy network we can diagnose the complete state of the conditioned soul (there is a science that deals with this aspect – human field/photos). Those involved in the LBP (light body process) can sporadically hear these processor tones resulting from the upgrading of our software wrt our progressing LQ (light quotient) – some have called this symptom ringing in the ears.

If we leave our cell phones near a radio receiver we will hear a periodic burst of synchronization tones from the cellular server (this happens precisely every hour), so the server systematically checks the presence of its attached units; so too does Source/Hierarchy constantly ascertain our presence/ connection through the data we received – this data contains guidance, soul contract programming, … .
This is how our connection to Source is activated and sustained.

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