Friday, February 10, 2012

Chakra Balancing - Energy Work

The Human Energy Network:
The human energy system is made up of a holographic field; all the strings/levels are interconnected and to the universal field/torus as well – divine carrier/wave. It is a matrix structure upon which the cells of the physical body grow; the template of the physical body - the vehicle for the "mind-body" connection. And this field changes in sympathy with the energies we are presently downloading as well as our thoughts. This energy field called the aura (field ascribed to the flow of the current defining our signature tone) is directly connected with health and wellness and can be perceived by anyone with practice – it is for this reason that the LBP (light body process) is associated to all the upheavals/physical symptoms we are experiencing. Whatsoever takes place in the physical body will happen in the pattern of the energy fields first. This field has several components/centers called Chakras - energy processing units /accumulators and can be broken up into multiple layers/bands (seven initially visible but now twelve with our enhanced light quotient). Each level of the energy field is organized in patterns of scintillating light with a specific pattern and balancing these fields or rather activating the free flow of these frequencies is the pinnacle of human health and wellness.

Energy Medicine has proven beyond all doubts that all diseases originate from our inflicted etheric bodies primarily from the negative effects of what is known as Standing Waves – miscreations /dysfunctional/blocked/stagnant/stray energy associated to fear, unforgiveness, judgment, resentment, stress, ………). And these diseases can be cured by chakra balancing through meditation as well as using crystals to generate/channel an appropriate frequency of opposing phase to get it dissolved.

Chakra Balancing:
This modality utilizes the science of meditation through sound, color, crystals, etc to create a field/current of similar magnitude but with an opposite phase to counteract/balance the chakras hence restoring their normal working conditions - a state of natural body current flow.

Energy Dialysis:
This second modality which calls for enhanced visualization skills requires the conditioned soul to Intend, Visualize and Implement, creating a universal energy grid - generally know as white light, channeling this grid current through the chakras – flushing out the standing waves so to speak, combing out the aura and sending these negatives currents to ground/Gaia through root like tentacles. Further visualizing these currents reprocessed by Gaia and sent back to the energy network through the first chakra thereby completing the dialysis circuit.

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