Friday, February 10, 2012

The origin/meaning of the title - End Times

It is now unequivocal that we are currently moving through the final days of our third dimensional experience on planet Earth. There will be a brief period on this pivotal date where time will stop and the Earth will not move - a period of timelessness with time presently collapsing on itself resulting to the interlocking of the third and the fifth dimensional realm and will create a temporary end of time. This timeless period according to scientists corresponds to the turning point of the crossover moment of the shift of the earth`s magnetic poles. 

As we integrate more Light flow within, through, and around us and the Earth, the reference points that we have come to know ourselves by are all changing - our cycles and rhythms are beginning to align in a singular coherent flow of consciousness bringing us closer and closer to the present Time. Although the internal sensation is that time is going faster, we are actually losing time; time is not going faster, rather, it is collapsing into a single moment of Present Time, NOW. 

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