Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Planes - Dimensions

Planes/Dimensions are various levels of consciousness - they are not places; each with its own characteristics and ways of thinking, feeling and experiencing. Understanding the aspects, rules and structures of the third and higher dimensions gives us the opportunity to step from the noise of the third-dimension and its rigid structures into a more fluid set of choices held within the higher planes.

Quantum physics has now proven beyond all doubt that everything in the Universe is ultimately comprised of Energy.
Everything in life – the Universe is energy, energy fields. A larger-than fathomable matrix vibrating at different frequencies in different locations, everything in life is vibrating; vibration is the movement of energy forming specific patterns. The emotion of love, of feeling, is focusing energies into a resonating wave pattern, a beautiful constellation. Miscreations associated with thoughts, words, and deeds create energies that need to be resolved (Standing Waves). All the challenges we encounter in life spin around how to heal, to resolve energy; everything we do creates energy – we are eternal energy manipulators - consciously or unconsciously. In reality, we are an extension of pure creational energy expressing ourselves in matter until all learning in the school of life is complete – fully realized we then return home.

It is therefore clear that everything in this universe is made up of energy. The only difference between an atom of lead and an atom of gold is that the atom of lead has energy that is vibrating at a different frequency from the energy of gold; this frequency is the result of all their various characteristics. The reason the same atoms commingle is that they are vibrating at the same frequency. As a matter of fact, nothing is really solid; it simply appears to be. At a subatomic level there are spaces between the particles of all matter and our ability to perceive them will depend on the rate of vibration – the frequency. On Earth most things are vibrating at a low rate, hence everything here looks solid. Since everything is made up of energy, then thought is also energy, vibrating at a particular frequency. With proper instruments, scientists can even measure the frequency of thoughts or brain waves - EEG. (Money as we know it is just the physical component of the universal energy of love and the lack of money or rather poverty, is withholding love from ourselves and others).

Emotion is energy in motion. When we move energy, we create effect. If we move enough energy, we create matter. Matter is energy conglomerated, moved around, shoved together. If we manipulate energy long enough in a certain way, we get matter. It is the alchemy of the universe. It is the secret of all life; Einstein knew how to extract energy from matter – the atomic bomb (wiccans are very familiar with the technique of bending or twisting energy to achieve goals).

The Energy in the Universe (Frequencies) is represented by the Electromagnetic Spectrum which extends from zero to infinity. When the vibration of a component becomes sufficiently high, it becomes visible – this is called Light (Photons). Everything in the Universe (all the kingdoms) is lined up inside this spectrum wrt their signature tones (spirit, mind, emotions and physical body) and God is the sum total of all these frequencies to Infinity, the raison d’ĂȘtre of the name All That Is; Christ Consciousness occupies the highest vibration or frequency - OM. The main goal in life is to continue to raise our vibrations until it resonates with the frequency of Christ Consciousness; a moment of unity which brings to an end any need for further reincarnation – a reconnection to Source. This electromagnetic spectrum is further sub divided into frequency bands – Medium waves, Short waves, AM, FM, VHF, Infra-red, Ultraviolet, etc; these bands are further divided into sub-bands called channels (‘In my Father’s house there are many Mansions there’). And these bands cohabit by virtue of the fact that they occupy different frequencies exhibiting different and interesting characteristic – the FM band for example has improved features compared to the AM band (3D vs 5D): Can house many more stations, better sound quality, less affected by Interference - noise, larger bandwidth, accommodates stereo, etc. Our spiritual barometer know as our light quotient is just an indicator of the frequency band we belong to and raising our light quotient is switching from a next lower band to a higher frequency band with of course its corresponding benefits – expanded consciousness, higher LOA abilities (Manifestation speed), etc. Clairvoyance can be described as consciously switching from our local band to a band in which the activity is taking place, becomes visible with the understanding that every single thing/event in the Universe occurs at the same time but in different bands. Telepathy in a like manner is the ability to tune and perceive signals from different frequency bands. Final judgment or rather judgment day, as mentioned in most of our scriptures is just about a life review of how much light we carry – our light quotient – the frequency band we belong to. The conditions of poverty and lack are manifestations of the fear band frequencies meanwhile the conditions of abundance and fulfillment are a manifestation of frequencies of love and joy. Our ‘Space Brothers’ can switch at will their frequency band – vibrations for their craft and occupants to become visible to us; otherwise the sky is generally crowded with their activities without our notice (there is a whole colony of Beings in other planets like the Moon but we never see them during our exploration trips).

So multidimensional existence therefore, is the ability to operate in many different frequency bands.
We swing between the frequency bands of love and fear in a random fashion on a daily bases. Like attracts like is in fact a matter of frequency alignment and what you focus on expands is choosing the frequency band we want to operate in (Our feelings and emotions determine our frequency of alignment).

At the end of times, we will no longer operate in the same bands – dimensions; we will be separated into different groups, we will move to our new working points following our level of spiritual evolution – our level of consciousness. This is the process we call Ascension, the transition into a higher vibrating frequency version of Earth, an Earth of joy, balance and harmony; the journey into that beautiful dimension of a higher state of being and consciousness, the spiraling journey from separation to wholeness, from fear to love and from polarity to connection. It is a process of reconnection to God through expanding our consciousness, Awakening, Self Realization, Enlightenment - integrating more and more light.

Ascension is about frequency, the level at which we are vibrating in – the frequency band we choose to dwell in. And in so doing we contribute to the greater whole of our planetary consciousness. To accomplish this we have to align with the higher frequencies and it begins with us raising our personal frequency; higher levels of vibration elevates us to higher levels of connected awareness. Karma exists solely in the old frequency of fear that has prevailed for so long on planet earth – Karma does not exist in the new frequency bands of Ascension.

The time has now arrived for our earth and all her kingdoms to move from a third dimensional reality - band into a fifth dimensional one together with its expanded state of consciousness.

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