Saturday, March 24, 2012

GRIDS and Ascension

Grid Work

A Grid is a network of connections/interconnections meant to supply, transport stuff from one point to another. Our society utilizes grids in divers applications: Power or Electricity grid, Gas/Water supply grid, Transportation grid, Telephone/Computer/Data grid, Energy grid, etc. A Grid in etheric terms can therefore be described as an energy channel – a network used for creating, harnessing and distributing energy.

Ley lines are nothing other than energy passages – low capacity grids, a network of interconnecting lines in geometrical perfection/full alignment, straight lines used in interconnecting sites (Pyramids – Giza to Orion & to Solomon`s Temple, Churches, Towns, Constellations, etc.). Leylines act somewhat as the nervous system of the living planet and can be used as conduits of energy transfer as well as for communication. The planet also has what can be termed axial tonal lines - meridians and chakras. Almost all of the sacred geometric temples built by the Asian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan have leylines passing through them; a lot of these structures were built on leys. Many points/intersections on leys form into vortex spirals. A Vortex acts as a higher dimensional energy distribution engine generally received through Portals - not all vortexes house portals though, but all portals have a vortex. Portals are Interdimensional gateways.

It is now very evident that everything in the Universe is made up of energy; and we also know that everything vibrates at a certain frequency occupying the frequency/electromagnetic spectrum from zero to infinity. This spectrum is further divided into bands (HF, VHF - FM, UHF – TV, Microwave, etc) and these bands are again divided into sub bands; these sub bands are further divided into Channels. The TV or Cable band comprises about 1000channels with many vacant or spare channels in between; so in a like manner and at any given time the Universe presents us with a plethora of grids available for us to construct/use in channeling our energy work. Every single thing that exists in the Universe (all the kingdoms) belongs to a specific channel – their individualized signature tones/energy registration.

The interesting news is that we can at any time create our own grids just by simple intention enhanced through visualization. We can create as many grids as desired due the existence of an infinite number of channels in the energy spectrum; we may also import energy from other grids to create new grids or boost existing grids – it can be that easy.

The activity called prayer is creating a communication grid (channel) to Source; distant healing entails creating a temporal grid to channel the energy to the conditioned Soul. It is very common practice in lightworkers circles to create small personalized closed circuit grids for healing work called EC (energy circles). During energy work – sometimes called grid work we will often encounter appellations like planetary grid, mass consciousness grid, human grid, mother earth grid, etc; and firing the grid is a synchronized collective channeling of energy into a specific grid to achieve an outcome – healing (when two or more focus on the same grid there is synergy - the resultant energy is multiplied several times).

Negative/Dark Forces (as manifested through HAARP) sometimes construct grids for evil gains that need balancing - cleansing by us or with the assistance of the spiritual hierarchy. We can tune our frequencies, our energy to any grid at will; Christ Consciousness – Love constitutes the highest magnificent grid. The main purpose of our soul journey is healing (learning, teaching and experiencing love) – resolving energy, creating energy grids. So let us use our guidance to create as many energy grids as possible in order to bring this cycle into a joyful completion for the Grid is part and parcel of our New Consciousness matrix.

(Some of the info in this article comes from grids & ley-lines by James Tyberonn)


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