Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sacred Geometry vs Ascension

Sacred geometry manifested through high vibrations/frequencies as highlighted in Sound, Colors, Numbers, Symbols, Mandalas… is a tool that has been used for thousands of years to reach beyond the physical and awaken the divine within; embedded in the universal torus and crystals constitutes the running system/platform of the universe. Sacred geometry helps us to better understand Creation while still in 3D. Much of this universe has been created through mathematical structure and systems. It is the core-fabric of all realities - the language, the reality algorithm of the universe. Our reality is a geometric hologram insertion of coherent conscious energy – universal torus. So it is imperative we understand that Sacred Geometry is far more than a mathematical branch. It is a living sacred science, an aspect of the science frequency aka Unconditional Love. It is a sacred science that in fact forms the template of our physical duality within linear space and time. 

It is for this reason therefore that the ascension project operates in harmony with the cosmic calendar, the periodicity of the energy flow/exchanges - full/new moon, equinox, eclipse, solstice, T square, V cross, galactic alignment, 09.09.09, 10.10.10, 11.11.11, 12.12/21.12, etc.


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