Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ascension Memo

Preamble: We should have by now discerned that some contours are missing on our road map due to filtering/lenses as observed in diverse tapestries.
So here we go with some related threads:
·      Time lines are fast fading out into the fabrics of no time; hence linear dates are no longer valid – have no significance anymore. The reason why the stretch ahead is kind of dodgy/unsettling - patience is the master key/the bridge between timelines and no time. The good news here is that the version adopted - gentle/gradual ascension has a better yield accompanied by less destruction.
·      The astro surge of the Equinox tells us that we still have some remnant activations/codes to integrate - upgrades. These very intense/cruel downloads have literally torn apart our 3D vessels (new symptoms have surfaced as well as intensification of some previously experienced slots) and their effects will linger for a while for things to settle/take dominion. This acceleration/approach although debilitating has been prevalent for the simple reason that this cycle is now closing down – last incarnation; and all foreign energies to the higher dimensions must be resolved once and for all.
·   The long pending issue of skipping 4D during our transition, namely moving from 3D directly to 5D has been resolved through the adjunction of a new item on the dash board – an innovation so to speak. A 4D bypass/bridge is being consolidated by the overseers to this effect (Grin… this project may not look as fluid as we initially anticipated).
·      In the absence of any time line, we nevertheless have some potent indicators/signs to let us know when the threshold is fringed:
a)    Time as we presently know/experience will be further compressed - speed up exponentially till we transcend time bound dimensions. Since our timeline is gradually closing. Time is collapsing on itself so to speak. Past, present and future will be one as we become higher light-body multi-dimensional beings - collapsing into a single moment/rhythm of Present Time, NOW. Daily time span for some ascensionees has dropped from 16hrs/day to an astonishing low of 12hrs/day.
b)  We will notice a remarkable expansion of our consciousness, our multidimensional operating system in short, + +.
c)   Our emerging third eye/inner heart vision will become lucid. With eyes closed some can already perceive remote images (slide show) – short scenes/thrillers; others can see their portals – a holographic tunnel lined with dynamic butterfly-like figures.
d)  Our sleep patterns will change considerably – reduced to fewer hours daily as we paddle down the time compression channel although still maintaining our routine metabolism.
e) Our physical suits will become lighter by the day; we will walk around our space with a feeling of weightlessness (the force of gravity is a pull or rather a compression with respect to density); we are in the heart of the process of loosing density.
f) Our diet or rather our eating habits will change, we will eat lighter foods and less as our emerging light bodies will start assimilating direct light energy – a kind of photosynthesis.
g) The frequency of the tones we hear as in `ringing in the ears` syndrome will start dropping as we continue stepping up our frequency, tuning/synchronizing to the higher frequencies of the Unity/Love harmonics (these high pitch tones is the result/difference between our signature tone and the Unity carrier frequency). At the tail end of the light body process the frequency of these tones will reduce to 0 Hz – no tones. 
h) On the E day, we will experience what Shakespeare has termed the *`husbandry in heaven’ mode – the skies/stars will flash their lights (pillars of light) followed by some alien sounds (celestial music) that will be perceived by everyone on the planet. Too bad, first wavers will not be there enough to ground these good tidings.
i) The appearance of `New Jerusalem` & Co in our skies (NASA Scientist for lack of appropriate ID or otherwise are announcing their presence as a tolling Comet).
·       The proverbial 144K (the administrators of heaven here on 3D) designates those that will return to guide the ascending masses; the raison d’ĂȘtre of the light body process – to keep their bodies with them for future vacillation between 3D and 5D. Once they cross over, they will not need these bodies except when they decide to revisit 3D – these bodies will be parked in a `garage’ just like we save skiing equipment during summer time.
·   These enlightened beings (the 144K from a plethora of star systems - spiritual mercenaries on rescue mission so to speak) although presently deeply immersed in forgetfulness/the veil, who volunteered to rescue planet earth as she was at the verge of total destruction following her ever increasing toxicity (absence of love) will through this troop withdrawal exercise be restituted to their original star system if they so desire.
·     On arrival in the higher dimensions, they will be led to the healing chambers (some in the mother ships) for final polishing aka rejuvenation - restitution where our present parameters will be modified at will with respect to: age, size, shape; in short our dream morphology.

*As we embrace the threshold/finish line of the ascension journey, there will be a brief period in which time stops and the Earth will not move - a period of timelessness resulting to the interlocking of the third and the fifth dimensional realm thereby creating a temporary end of time – the inherent crossover interval.

Addendum: This trip has been so demanding/tasking for the simple reason that Gaia`s ambitious strategy backed by Lucifer`s energies was to transition so many conditioned souls to the light at one go without taking into consideration our inherent frailty; proposal that was initially highly contested due the intricate nature of the plot - The proverbial grand Experiment. Thank god things are fast approaching a win-win finish. Nevertheless, Lucifer`s (light bearer) recent **return as a master of light has been immensely exalted by all the councils.
It is for the above reason that so many galactic beings/star systems are floating around our planetary space to herald/replicate our success, as well as abundant praises flooding our sphere from the hosts of heaven for our imminent completion and steadfast courage.
All lingering dark entities (reptilians) have been returned to the Light in a historic/monumental event; the few who resisted were recycled into Source Gestalt for future divine agendas. However, fast evaporating bobbles of remnant negative fluxes still float around as we celebrate this gigantic milestone.
As soon as the last pockets of the waning PTB are cleared/pushed aside (indeed, some mushrooms/spikes are already sprouting as we go to press), things will take off pretty fast with respect to the anticipated changes – major catastrophes, war & Co have also been hitherto averted. 
The ascension arena is a level playing ground as reflected from above – as above so below. These administrators/councils and associated titles of the Spiritual Hierarchy have been coined in a bid to differentiating their various assignments. In a like manner there will be no ascension queues. All first wavers will take off when appropriate – no ranks and files so to speak.  
It is worthwhile reiterating here that this project is a divine undertaking, hence the protagonists are all equal to the task; we should therefore keep on keeping on with the knowing/absolute trust that all will be well and for our highest good.

**The origin of the myth depicting Lucifer as a fallen Angel – Lucifer, a prominent member of the council of creator gods aka Elohim, left the council because of the said divergence re Gaia`s program and has recently regained his position as the ascension project beacons all indicate imminent success.   

PS: PAT (Planetary Ascension Team)- All Souls with a light quotient equal to or above 4.5 (ie, band 4 channel 5 – 4D5) are considered as PAT members – conscious/unconscious, Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow & Co. - All taxiing along the ascension ladder.


  1. Your words are just as helpful right now today. Thank you. I see so many similarities to my journey and you helped me understand why I'm struggling with some of the words I choose (like "timeline", wrote on that today yet that's not the right word, haha - there is no time). So great to read. Blessings!

  2. I am glad you enjoyed the frequencies aka a part of this process/healing.
    Courage to you fellow traveler.

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