Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cracking the Weight Band

One of the most persistent/devastating of the ascension symptoms is the excess weight light workers have put on at this time; and all attempts to shed this fat suit has proven futile. We have literally not been able to expand our energy field so our body (in the form of grounding water) has expanded in its place.

Mankind has evolved in a society where most religious traditions disfavor spiritual aspects of life there by penalizing the development of our etheric bodies – compromising our energy templates. These templates which have been holding our energy in a physical form will be fully released with time depending on our rate of energy integration – it’s a gradual process.

We all have a personal energy field around us that we call the human template which corresponds to our energy signature. And we are now progressively releasing these templates as a result of the present evolutionary process we are undergoing. We will soon get to a stage where these energies will not encounter any resistance, because we have sufficiently purified our physical, emotional, mental, and etheric bodies - by getting full engaged in our clearing/energy word (Breathing, Grounding, Grids, Meditation, Ho`oponopono, etc).
Symptoms are a result of the blockage of higher energy flow, it’s somewhat like having a blockage in a hose - the higher energy is like water moving at a greater pressure through the hose; any unpurified area will yield Standing Waves – dysfunctional/blocked energy. Whatever it is we are experiencing shows us where we still have some work to do, something that needs releasing because it's blocking our being a clear vessel for the higher energy.


  1. Your information is wonderful. I have been every two weeks for the last four months getting a cold with intense congestion and or an intense chronic feeling pain in my lowed cervical spine. Both issues last about two weeks and I'm assuming these are ascension symptoms. My question is, what suggestions do you have that I can do to release these two same constant symptoms fro
    Continuing to happen. Or is this just something I need to go through and just to let it do it's thing ( over and Over again?) thank you,

    Love and light

  2. Dear fellow traveller/ascensionee,
    TY for the warm words.

    I guess the cold (most often accompanied by sinusitis) you are talking about is called ascension flu which comes on and off as we progress down the timeline; and the pain in lowed cervical spine sometimes referred to as lower back issues also follows a very short cycle – more prominent.

    For as long as we are integrating/updating/rebooting energies, we will encounter these upheavals – symptoms resulting from Standing Waves (blocked/interrupted flow of energy resulting from miscreations/karma/etc.)

    Generally, all we need to do is relax and release, let our systems do the clearing taking into consideration that integrating these shifts/energies in surrender and grace will make the ride more joyful.
    Our attention has been drawn of late to include some physical exercises (gym, work out, yoga, etc.) in our routines; the higher-ups/unseens say this physical component will enhance the free circulation `stuff` in our system thereby releasing stored fluid/gases/etc.

    Love & Peace to you and thank you for being part of our healing.