Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Center of the Cyclone

BE the center of the Cyclone.

The higher vibrations – the new energetic templates are rapidly sweeping through our Universe and will further intensify as we move closer to the finish line (this new configuration is changing the electromagnetic field within the human body).

It is highly recommended to regularly do our Energy Work – Breathing/Grounding/Meditation/Grids/ Clearing – Balancing (Ho`oponopono), otherwise when attacked by a strong influx of energy we have no time left to adjust ourselves as we lose our focus – we become completely disorientated.

I recently had to cancel a class because I got stuck/lost twice due to this phenomenon; only to discover that I could no longer engage in any of these modalities (could not read, sleep, listen to music, or do anything whatsoever); and this predicament lasted several hours.

Regular/consistent practice of meditation would facilitate the smoothing circulation of energy shifts within our system thereby moving us to the center of the cyclone where these devastating side effects/symptoms are minimal.
Love to All fellow travelers.

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