Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Money as Energy

The new science of Quantum Physics tells that everything in the Universe is made up of Energy. Everything we know as created reality is energy in motion in the form of waves vibrating at a certain frequency. And it is the rate of vibration or frequency of the wave that determines what will manifest in our experiential reality; the slower the vibration the more dense and vice versa (things become solid as they drop in frequency). As a matter of fact, nothing is really solid; it simply appears to be. At a subatomic level there are spaces between the particles of all matter and our ability to perceive them will depend on the rate of vibration – the frequency. On Earth most things are vibrating at a low rate, hence everything here looks solid. Since everything is made up of energy, money then is also energy.

Money is a way for us to exchange Energies with others in our society - the flow of energies.
It is a convenient way for us to exchange what we have – goods and services for those which we need. Therefore, there is inherently nothing good or bad about the paper or coins we use to represent this flow. Money then does not make us suffer by its absence in our lives; money simply responds to the energy behind it – the energy of the person making and spending it. So we have to stop giving our power over to it. If we wish to attract more of the energy flow of money into our lives, we just need to make certain energy adjustments within our thoughts and being. We are powerful co-creators with God and our beliefs and emotions do indeed reflect back to us in our experience and outer reality. So it is high time we start releasing those limiting beliefs about money that no longer serves us. We are the energy behind money and not the reverse. We can use these energies that money represents to make our live more abundant and joyful instead of using it to induce pain and suffering. Money as we know it is just the physical component of the universal energy of love and the lack of money or rather poverty, is withholding love from ourselves and others.

We determine the nature of our money flow then by controlling the electromagnetic frequency that creates the way that the energy of money will flow in our lives – by changing our thought patterns hence changing the frequency band. Our thoughts most often than not are in disarray due to blockages in our lives – thoughts of fear, judgment, dense lower vibrational thoughts which block or short circuit our creative current. And until we get this situation fixed our lives will never work properly. In order for money to flow unobstructed in our lives, we have to provide the right path for the smooth flow of this energy. Once we can achieve success in this process, the problems we encounter on this money issue will simply disappear. So we have to service our thoughts in the same way we service the clogs – debris in our water supply pipes in our homes to get it flowing properly. We must condition our wiring to handle a high frequency flow of money by removing energetic blocks that are created by accommodating wrong thought patterns. The conditions of poverty and lack are manifestations of the fear band frequencies meanwhile the conditions of abundance and fulfillment are a manifestation of frequencies of love and joy.
It is the collective pool of the electromagnetic thoughts in our planetary consciousness that determines the nature of the world’s monetary system.

(Some of the info in this article comes from the frequency of money by James Tyberonn)

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