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LoA Tools - Affirmations vs Switch Words

Quantum physics has now proven beyond all doubt that everything in the Universe is ultimately comprised of Energy. Every subatomic particle of matter - energy in the Universe is connected to every other particle by a kind of holographic energetic matrix and we can change the behavior of these quantum particles by directing our attention, feelings and thoughts. Quanta – Energy particles are therefore influenced by the Mind; thought also being pure Energy. Because the Universe is infinite intelligence of which we are all integral aspects, every single thought, as Energy, directly and instantly influences this quantum field. We live in a holographic quantum universe. Whatever we concentrate or focus upon is what the universe (quanta) will give us. Our universe can therefore be completely different from our neighbor's universe, even though we may share a common wall in our apartment.

The power of the mind in creating our experiences is really amazing.

Affirmations (Switch Words) - instrument of thought, silent or vocal (uttered frequently with unwavering conviction and resolve) can play a big role in transforming our lives through the programming of the subconscious mind1. They quiet down the mind from internal mental noise and chatter - Internal noise acts as noise interference, blocking the divine voice. Affirmations will help us attract opportunities, people, circumstances, events, possessions, wealth, or a life style with the magnetic power of attraction of our minds.

Whether we realize it or not, we create and shape our lives with our thoughts. All things that become part of our physical reality are first created in the mind from the raw material called thought. Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind in a desired direction. They will unify our thought patterns and bring them into alignment with our highest and best desires by stimulating our super conscious mind into action. This helps to empower us to move through emotional blockages which may be limiting our opportunities to experience life to the fullest.

Every time we make a mental affirmation, our subconscious mind hears it and adjusts towards the reality of that statement. The subconscious mind does not filter or judge our thoughts (no feelings or emotions are pleasant or unpleasant, it cannot differentiate between actual reality and suggestions); it just acts on our statement. It is important, therefore, that we feed ourselves with positive thoughts about who we are. A great way to start is to make a habit of using the classical affirmation – “Every day, in every way, I am becoming better and better.”
1 The Healing Codes – Dr. Alex Loyd
The Determining Factor of What We Think, Feel and Do 100% of the Time

The beliefs we hold in our unconscious or subconscious minds are more than a thousand times more powerful than our willpower. That is why it is almost impossible to change the problems we face in life with our willpower.

We always do what we believe 100% of the time. We never do what we don’t believe.

Whether we are talking about success in a business or a relationship or our health, what we think, feel and do is critical in every situation in life; and the underlining principle here is based on our beliefs. These beliefs are comprised of two components – operate on two different levels: The stimulus-response beliefs and the conscious beliefs; and the former is more important because it is also the main determining factor of our conscious beliefs. Understanding our beliefs can help us get a handle on why we do what we do, why we are thinking what we are thinking, and why we feel what we feel. We therefore have to learn to understand our beliefs if we want to change our behavior. Instinctual stimulus-response beliefs are mainly about how to seek pleasure and avoid pain. They are primarily programmed in us before the age of six. Those first six years are when the most influential programming of life happens. It is the only time in our life when we live in a delta or theta brain wave state where everything we experience is programmed onto our internal hard drive with no filtering. In those first six years, we don’t have the logic and reasoning to say, we are not going to believe that because it doesn’t make any sense or that is not the right thing to do in this situation or we are not going to feel that way. We don’t have the ability to judge and evaluate the circumstances that happen to us. And the very intriguing issue here is that our conscious rational belief system is built on top of our stimulus-response belief system; if we have an unconscious belief that conflicts with a conscious belief, our stimulus-response level belief system will win every time. We are always going to rationalize something that is not the truth because it fits our stimulus-response level belief system programming. So the objective here is to harmonize both belief systems in order to successfully program our subconscious mind. Any success in this process will restore our harmony, our balance with respect to these energies; thereby permitting our life to take off in a way we have never seen before – this is the science called Energy Medicine. These two levels of belief entirely determine what we do, think and feel 100% of the time and unless we get them in agreement with each other, we are going to be running around in circles, banging our head against the wall.
Affirmations then, is a tool that serves as a Carrier to move our Being into different Energy Bands – a kind of modulation so to speak (allowing us to experience the amazing divine power inside us and to notice information in the greater awareness field). The higher we find ourselves in the spectrum the higher our vibes are raised hence our connection to infinite Source. And the quality and speed of this connection/attraction will depend upon our commitment – the amount of Love and Peace we can hold, the amount of Light we can manipulate.

Affirmations helps us heal, release tension, achieve balance and harmony, and raises our level of consciousness. They enhance our connection to the Light and moves us to a new and exciting pedestal, a place of inner peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and abundance.

It is highly recommended to create from the premise of the Heart (the domain of leading edge creators) when our minds are in an Alpha State – in high vibes; a meditative state where we quiet or slow down the brain waves and allow our emotions to come into the mix. For instance, if we can create with a joyful, passionate feeling we are going to accomplish whatever it is that we desire a lot faster contrary to a premise of fear, misery or sadness (in any of these circumstances Guidance is always very distant). Also throwing in a few Ho’oponoponos2 will enhance the process, will serve as a catalyst.

Well quite simply in order to create our desired reality we must focus our thoughts in order to influence the Quanta of the Universe and bring ourselves into vibrational harmony with our desires. We cannot experience/attract anything into our lives unless we are in vibrational harmony with that which we are experiencing.

We should know at all times that we are already infinitely wealthy (Money is just the physical form of the universal energy of love and the lack of money or rather poverty, is withholding love from ourselves and others) and we should focus with joy on realizing that wealth and utilizing it for the purposes of evolution, expansion and growth, and thereby a state of being in perfect harmony with the Universe. If we are in perfect harmony with the Universe we will always manifest anything desired into our physical reality, joyfully, naturally and effortlessly.

Although Affirmations re LoA process can be very powerful, they are often intercepted by the logical, ego driven conscious mind – our everyday working mind, analyzed and then rejected as being unreasonable or impractical. By impressing our desires on the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind will directly interact with the super-conscious mind (her job is to take thought, which is pure energy, and give it physical shape in the material world) were our thoughts and desires takes shape thereby bringing us into vibrational harmony with our desires so they can manifest into physical, experiential reality. We must therefore learn to bypass the filters of the conscious mind in order to program the subconscious mind with our desires. One other alternative to this impediment is the use of subliminal suggestions – a process of directly accessing the subconscious mind through subliminal messages.

The difference between an Affirmation and a Switch word is that switch words are generally shorter – just a single word; thereby carrying more power and command by virtue of the fact that they can easily bypass the filters of the conscious mind. Since the meaning of the Switch word is often not interpreted and interfered with by the conscious mind, the message gets easily validated.

2 Hawaiian healing process - Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len
Ho’oponopono is about looking within ourselves for internal mental noise, errors or blocks in our subconscious minds that replay as problems, judgments, setbacks and all kinds of other issues (many other memories simultaneously playing that we are unaware of – past life memories). It is about saying to the Divine within us: “I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that is causing me to experience the world in this way.” In effect, these mental interference noises in the form of memory data hinder us from attaining harmony and balance - Oneness. All problems are a result of memories (memories make decisions for us) replaying in our subconscious minds; the intellect cannot cancel memory errors. When we are willing to be 100% responsible for whatever we experience in our lives, we shift our perception of the world, and that causes the world to change returning us to our original state of balance. Only when we have clarity can Source provide us with insight, inspiration and whatever is perfect for us. We have to learn to see people and events in a nonjudgmental way, seeing them as they truly are – perfect beings, Divine beings. When we are clear of these blocks, we are able to move through life without experiencing hardships, anger, resentment, blame or problems. We should therefore make it an obligation to always do our Ho’oponopono cleaning before, during and after we embark on anything in the same manner as an orchestra - always tuning up before beginning a concert.

Abundance is Natural

“If we have too many obstacles coming our way, it simply means that we are on the wrong channel – out of Alignment.”

The truth is, abundance is a natural state. If we don’t have abundance, we are flowing against the universe instead of with it. We are focused on survival and not consciously creating what we want. Instead, we are unconsciously creating what we don’t want.

If our being and our choices are in harmony with the universe astonishing things can occur. Natural abundance comes from “getting into the flow” (total Surrender), by doing work that brings a sense of inner excitement. The phrase “Follow your inner joy” is actually the key to abundance – let Joy be our compass. Once we follow our excitement and find ourselves doing work that we love, then synchronicity begins to flow. Synchronicity is the universe’s way of telling us that we’re on the right track. It is a flow of events where everything clicks into place to support our efforts. It brings us opportunities, people, events, and circumstances exactly when and where they need to be. When life flows naturally, the natural abundance of the universe follows automatically.

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