Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Ascension Frequencies/Energies are not perceived, validated by the general public

For quite a while now many have been questioned by their entourage (lightworkers alike) as to why just a selected few are sensing, living the ascension process – affected by these frequent downloads taking into consideration that we are all exposed to these waves (under the same roof so to speak); and on the premise that we all feel the rays/light from the same Sun...

At the moment we volunteered as anchors/wayshowers/lightbearers for the ascension project, some parameters/lines in our running system aka DNA were modified. This exercise was carried out at the moment of our conception by our guides & Co – orientation team and by diversity under the supervision of Athena`s department (soul contract, mission, karma …).

All those involved in the ascension project depending on their specific assignments as well as their positions on Jacob`s ladder have been receiving varying doses of cyclic downloads of light energies necessary for: the shift, carbon to crystal conversion, cleansing, transmutation,... The passage of these energies through the LBP (light body process) has been responsible for the proverbial ascension symptoms (unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of greater spiritual light/energy downloads in the body). However, once the process of transmuting our form has begun, it is difficult, and even dangerous, to try to stop it; fortunately our expanded perceptions resulting from the harmonizing role of the unified chakra act as protective/safety mechanism.

Looking at it from a technical perspective, our etheric network operates in a similar manner to that of a simple radio receiver capable of discriminating application signals at its output. Ascensionees radios are equipped with decoders allowing them to receive/exploit only authorized signals/frequencies due to an incorporated algorithm based on our: LQ, karma, roles, …(this process is similar to the encrypting patch used by secret services in their communication equipment all over the globe to restrict service/info to specific parties). It is for this kind of squelching – the difference in the programming of our DNA that stops the masses from benefiting from the effect of these energies through a pre-birth agreement.

Source [Cosmos - Sun/Alcyone/Grids…] → Waves [Frequencies] → Antenna [Hair*] → Etheric Network [Chakras – Decoder/Squelch] → Ground → Source. *(it is for this reason that Sages/Masters kept long hairs & Women are generally more intuitive than men)

Those who have not yet taken the first step (slumbers/laggards/fence straddlers/…) – not yet demodulating these energies, will do so whenever their numbers appear for everyone is moving towards reconnection/home and the difference is just a matter of degrees/speed. And all we have to do at this point in time is send them our blessings for our reunion is timeless in the infinite continuum.

Some harmonics in closing to fine-tune our radio receivers: Life unfolds endlessly in divine order, timing, will and for our highest good; those who can handle both sides of the equation (duality) and keep their peace have been called Masters - observing without interference. The greatest challenges facing humankind today is the mastery of the altered ego. The ego is highly creative and manifests itself in all shades/colors hence capable of disguising/camouflaging within itself – a drama within a drama. Success in this endeavor will thin out the veil Surrender, Gratitude, big picture…


  1. thank you so much for this great article! well said!
    fran zepeda

  2. Franheal, thank you for being part of it ALL.

  3. i like reading your alot of them and they have so much meaning!! i get alot of info from dreams.i left the outside world in 2001 and i could no longer work..went into c.fatigue syn.still not completely back up yet but im alot better..thank you so much for sharing your articles and insihts with all of us..much appreaciated !! many blessings marylen from michigan usa

    1. Marylen, TY dearly for the friendship aka Oneness/Togetherness - I`ve been picking up these signals for a while now.

      Indeed, dreams or silent awareness moments are just awesome; the Masters have repeatedly told us to go inside for the kingdom of God is within us. Sorry about this shortcoming/upheaval while hoping this is just a stepping stone to the next line/phase of your script.
      Healing & Blessings on your way

  4. spirtuality is knowing self. Nothing else. it should be first step.
    Be the disciple of ramalinga vallalar

    1. Sivamjothi,

      Spirituality is searching for truth - individual souls knowing what is `right` for them; we have to search on our own, finding our own way - spirituality is allowing each other to do that without judgement. Religion is inclined to creating separation meanwhile spirituality embraces oneness.

      We should not discount our potentials nor give away our powers.

      Gurus are important/necessary for those who encounter difficulties finding their way to Source - the kingdom of God is here and now and within us. We are all small gods learning to reconnect to the Godhead.

      The word Religion comes from the root word religare, which means to tie together - that which puts together, binds - a reconnection. So religion is a tool that leads us back to Source through infinite paths/ways/journeys which of course can be accomplished with or without gurus depending on our timeline, light quotient ...

  5. I think it's an old article, but still it has given me some great information about spirituality from science point of view. I enjoyed reading this post.

    Thanks Divsy for writing this useful article for us.
    Henry Jordan
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