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The Science of Ascension Symptoms - LBP

The Science of Ascension Symptoms - Light Body Process
Ascension as we all know is a business of Energy Integration, Vibration and Frequency - the Shift, transition/graduation into a higher vibrating frequency of Earth. In other terms ascension is changing our frequency band, and can be assimilated to a transition from AM to FM band (3D to 5D …). It is in effect the critical mass conversion of the Earths receival capacity template from analog to digital, black and white to color.
Ascension is not an isolated event – it is a unified, synchronized whole; it is intricately tied to the karmic grid – they are complementary; karma being the determining circumstance – soul mission/contract, the aspects of our lives we need to resolve on the journey to wholeness/reconnection. At the moment of our incarnation here together with our Guides/Angels agreed and programmed our records to what would best suit our growth and evolution. This karmic running soft ware, the ascension undertaking and our Light Quotient together determine our new working point - platform; so the extent to which we experience these upheavals will depend on these parameters. The karmic process could in a sense function without ascension as conceived; ascension therefore is a subset of karma so to speak, previous civilizations ascended without necessarily going through our present configuration. Ascension as we know it is a different method/approach to accomplish the karmic cycle without passing through physical death.
Ascension Symptoms
Ascension symptoms are an unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of greater spiritual light – energy downloads in the body. Many lightworkers who are deeply emerged in the transformation/ascension process are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within their physical vessel - a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within.
Ascension symptoms therefore would vary (number, type, magnitude, frequency) in sympathy with our karmic loads as well as our miscreations – integrity/wholeness. It is for this reason that this project is directed through a common management – ascension proper with respect to soul contract - mission. Life would supposedly become unbearable were it not for this kind of harmonization. We all experience this process and symptoms in divers ways, modes, intensity as they vary from person to person. We are all unique, on different - infinite healing paths, ascending and shifting in a multitude of ways – scenarios. Nevertheless, the young/new generation of light workers called blue rays, crystals, rainbow, indigo... come in with some of their codes already activated hence exempted from full spectrum through this eclectic split. As this cycle speedily draws to a close with time collapsing on itself, the repercussions of these purifications and symptoms would accelerate in order to clear our slates, our pending karmic balance.
Conditioned Soul [contract/mission] →   Karma [ascension] → Multiple Lifetimes →Reconnection →Source
The ascension project is a dynamic process constantly progressing with respect to the planetary light quotient (collective/mass consciousness) serving as the barometer; operating in harmony with the Cosmic calendar - the periodicity of the energy flow – exchanges (Transits, full/new moon, eclipse, equinox, solstice, T square, V cross, 09.09.09, 10.10.10, 11.11.11, 12.12/21.12, galactic alignment, etc) and at the same time modulated by divine dispensation. This complex process can be very demanding as a result of the continuous flooding from the massive influx of energy - harboring divers and unpredictable variables.
Our human framework is designed to accommodate these energies in a manner that can be likened to a lightning protection network primarily comprising of a lightning arrestor – antenna, conducting wire mesh – circuit or conduit and an excellent Earth or Ground. The idea behind a lightning protection system is to rapidly and efficiently conduct heavy currents from lightning discharges to ground without damaging existing equipment or infrastructure. So in a similar manner, our body comprises an antenna system – primarily our hair (this is the reason why most Masters/Sages kept long hair), our energy centers - Chakras as conduit and the Earth - Gaia as our Ground (the reason why we are often advised to stay grounded – meditate outside and better bare footed). Drinking lots of water is also highly recommended – water being a relatively good conductor of electricity would facilitate current circulation analogous to a car radiator – preventing over-heating – engine protection. Deep (Soul) Breathing will in turn super charge our accumulators/energy centers/chakras with life energy – Adamantine/God particles to further reinforce our energy bank/protection system.
All electrical networks or systems must be grounded to close the circuit to let current flow: Source (Generator) – Subject – Ground – Source (the human Aura is the appellation ascribed to the electric field associated to the body current flow).
Let us bear in mind that the principal objective of this endeavor is to raise our vibrations - consciousness, reconnect, awaken the dormant life current in us which has atrophied for so long; this awakening of the Kundalini is the gate way to divine consciousness, oneness – our original status; and the beacon here is evidently the practice of unconditional love.
Our body elements under normal working life, repeatedly suffer from a variety of dis-ease partially due to the inflicted conditions of the etheric body (unforgiveness, judgment, resentment, stress……); so the passage then of currents associated to these energy shifts depending on the magnitude would further affect our fragile bodies thereby manifesting as symptoms. This implies that if our physical, astral, mental, etheric bodies were whole, we would be transparent to these symptoms but for the inherent energy anatomy – carbon to crystal metamorphosis (the carbon to crystal conversion involves just the carbon particle structure and not the element itself) and the constant upgrading of our running system/software with an adapted version to accommodate our new template (a window of experimentation – the wonder and beauty of a new Toy). It would be interesting to mention here that these current passage configurations and their corresponding symptoms present theoretically an in exhaustive list in sympathy with these energy centers – chakra positions – areas being worked on.
The effect of these energies on our system is twofold – the physical and the etheric (emotional) components which eventually manifest in the symptoms we experience being dislodged. The way our bodies will respond to these energy shifts, downloads or what we sometimes call re-calibration rebooting will be determined by the resistance presented, resistance here meaning how much clearing, cleansing, balancing… we have to effectuate. This is the reason why on some days we rise up booming with vitality and on others we just feel like going for the power off switch – a see-saw ride. Just like in the lightning protection network, if the discharged current flowing to ground encounters any resistance it would generate heat or damage the component (blowing some fuses); nevertheless our system is designed to work in such a way that this kind of damage cannot occur (it is protected by an etheric automatic current control system – there is a complex algorithm in play). Our experiences of these body symptoms vary extensively depending on some of these aspects: our karmic load, mission/contract, wholeness, environment – nutrition, air, exercise, etc. 
Nevertheless, the completion/consolidation of our Unified chakra (alignment of the three lower chakras to the three upper set by the fully opened 4th - Heart chakra) will see a considerable reduction in the effects of these afore mentioned symptoms:
v  Bloating in all its colors is an expansion of our system in order to accommodate more current – energy/light; the bigger the capacity of a battery accumulator, the more energy it can store –    manipulate. Some fat suits are as a result of anchoring greater Light in specific locations on the Earth as part of the master plan.
v  Sinus (Sinusitis) disturbances are one of the primary signs of cellular transformation - discomforts, drainage, and headaches. These increased disturbances will continue to occur during cellular transformation. Major changes will occur in the sinus since they function in the body primarily to  create balance; the body has been thrown out of balance during cellular transformation. Our body  responds to the changes by over reacting to slight stimulation.
v  Nausea is provoked by the mutation of body cells/hormones/enzymes – the metabolic transformation process.
v  Digestive issues/Metallic Taste are caused by metabolic swings.
v  Unusual aches and pains/itches throughout different parts of our body (muscles, joints, lower back, numbness, …) is due to the purification/releasing of blocked energy resulting from Standing Waves: negative energy produced in our energy network as a result of miscreations - dysfunctional /blocked/stagnant/stray energy associated to fear, unforgiveness, judgment, resentment, stress, …
v  Knee pain is as a result of the extension of the energy network, the protrusion of the lower chakras forming 2 minor lobes/harmonics.
v  Shoulder blade pain is the development of a vortex point - our Merkaba exit/gateway – some traditions have called this process the growth of our Angelic Wings.
v  Heat/cold flashes aka Kundalini drill is due to an abrupt rise and fall of vital current – current waves – charging/discharging. The body is heating up as it burns off dross/residue/lower energies... (cleansing/clearing)
v  Dizziness comes from the seal in the pineal being removed and the mid brain opening up.
v  Fatigue results from the excessive processing/balancing/restructuring of energy in our energy system – immense/complex current download/overload; body is losing density.
v  Memory loss (short term)/poor vision/feeling of disorientation is due to vacillation between dimensions/timelines, going back and forth as part of the transition - experiencing a disconnect so to speak. 
v  Apathy/Anxiety/Depression, in short unable to concentrate/focus is due to system rebooting; ego losing much of itself/old ID.
v  Disruptive sleep patterns is caused by the high energy flow into our brains for processing and alternately could be a breakdown of ego`s resistance to change by increasing our awareness of contract with spirit during those awake periods.
v  Ringing in the ears is the setting/fine tuning of our personal energy field/template (processor clock frequency) to the unity timeline aka the Universal Torus (Crystalline Grid Carrier) – harmonics and side bands resulting from this calibration.
A recap of the meaning of these symptoms highlights the following elements: Karma, Light Quotient and Ascension; which then leaves us with just one variable to play with - light quotient (building – consolidating our light bodies).
In closing ……., We should strive to integrate these energies with ease, peace, balance and harmony at all times thereby promoting clarity within our heart, mind and reality; it is therefore recommended to stay focused on our primary goal – light integration (unconditional love - oneness), practicing total surrender, detachment – the key phrase here is: let go. Letting go and regular meditation eases the smooth circulation of these afore mentioned currents thereby facilitation communication between vital elements of our network: lower self - higher self - the superconscious (for prayer – manifestation/LoA to be meaningful, we invariably have to abide to this sequence consciously or otherwise). And in the same light, Ego trips: fear, anger, resentment, worries… generates interference/standing waves – contrary signals which obstruct this smooth flow.
In so doing we would be able to transform the ascension journey from a scary and detested engagement into a joyful completion.
Conjure the big picture and let the Veil thin out !!!
PS: Life unfolds endlessly in divine will, order and timing; I have heard: Conditioned Souls evolve through the tenets of destiny interlaced aka modulated by free will, but those that have chosen the Light see their free will choices confiscated by Karmic Restrictions as they journey close to the finish line - we made a pledge that when the time came for us to step onto the path of ascension, we would allow the Higher-ups to set aside a good chunk of our free will so that we could take whatever measures were deemed necessary to awaken us - the roles we now play must take place within the general guidelines of our Script.
Factors affecting variance in energy experience/assimilation by Méline Lafont:
Ø  how well a person is balanced,
Ø  how well a person is grounded,
Ø  the purity of consciousness and the overall state of health,
Ø  the state of consciousness,
Ø  the frequency of his/her personal light,
Ø  the strength of his/her heart,
Ø  the openness to the whole process,
Ø  how well one blindly trusts in him/herself and in the process,
Ø  the skill to release complete control,
Ø  the skill to release the past and the self-image,
Ø  the acceptance,

Ø  the practice of meditation.


  1. Thank you so much for that! Everything you say resonates with me. My experience has been quite the ride! Can you elaborate further on your last ps comment? How can our free will be confiscated by karmic restrictions? Isn't that what we are working through and clearing out?
    Much love

    1. Shelley, glad it was of help to you.
      This i have heard: meaning this is MY intuition/understanding wrt the thread - this is the message i get through my filters/lenses.
      Karma, the determining circumstances of our journeys works hand in hand with free will; but karma will override if we need to quickly clear our slates before hitting the finish line. I guess if we keep on for instance `playing` with LoA, we may lose sight of focusing on clearing - building our light bodies aka LQ which is our No1 priority (at school kids have toys for short breaks/intervals; however, these toys are taken away during tutorials). My experience couple with that of other ascensionees indicates it may be so. Remember free will and destiny are complementary; this goes to say that depending on our position on the ladder as well as our assignments, the ascension running software/algorithm will override.

  2. Ok so I was reading it as karma (our past negative experiences/deeds) was going to hinder us as we are get closer to the finish line. But you are saying karma (our destiny or contract) will take over as we get closer and hopefully will propel across! Your words speak directly to me as my clearings demand every spare second of my day and night and if I could, I would sit all day to let them through. I feel this (raising my LQ) is the # 1 priority in my extremely busy life. I also had to laugh at your 'dabbling in LOA' comment as I also have been feeling that is taking away from my clearing time. However my main goal with LOA is to manifest more time for clearing and less time working and stressing about $. I'm so excited to have found your writings (thanks to Wes Annac) and can't wait to read more! I have so many questions.....

    1. You are most welcome !!!
      You may drop a mail - just in case: thomaspafe@yahoo.fr