Friday, August 24, 2012

How Higher Frequencies are Being Anchored on Earth

Ascension as we all know is a business of Energy Integration, Shifts, Vibration and Frequency – the transition/graduation into a higher vibrating frequency version of Earth; an Earth of joy, peace, balance and harmony (in short a return to Love/Light). It can be assimilated to a transition from AM to FM band – 3D to 5D.
Ascension is the process we each undergo as we develop spiritually and raise our vibrations, allowing more light into our beings; a different method/approach of accomplishing the karmic cycle without passing through physical death.
The ascension project is a dynamic process in constant progression with respect to the planetary (collective/mass consciousness) light quotient serving as the barometer; and will be activated by the critical mass threshold. This undertaking operates in harmony with the Cosmic calendar – the periodicity of the energy flow/exchanges: CME, Transits, full/new moon, eclipse, equinox, solstice, T square, V cross, 10.10.10, 11.11.11, 12.12/21.12, lions gate, galactic alignment… and at the same time modulated by divine dispensation.
Everything we know as created reality is energy in motion in the form of waves vibrating on diverse frequencies. We all have a personal energy field around us; our human template resulting from the energy generated by our chakras as well as those we integrate from these frequent downloads. This energy template is further modulated by an infinite encompassing holographic field called the God wave – the Universal Torus.
During normal working life energy flows into our bodies from Source, Gaia, CME, Cosmic down loads, Shift, Grids, etc; and flows out to ground through our feet hence completing the current circuit back to the original source. This energy is processed by our chakras thereby giving rise to a resultant complex wave called our signature tone or registration. This energy field is unique for each individual. The electromagnetic field associated with this current creates the aura. It is through the hooking up of our personal fields to the universal torus that our connection to Source is activated/sustained and balancing/grounding the chakras enhances this connection. Ringing in the ears/high pitch tones is due to harmonics resulting from the fine tuning of our signature tone to the unity timeline/divine torus as we integrate more light – raise our light quotient.
The electromagnetic field of the human aura is ubiquitous – broadcasted all over as in a Radio or TV broadcasting system (telepathic communication between subjects is the interaction of these infinite signals). Our personal fields in action/broadcasting can be likened to the light emitted from an electric bulb; and looking at it from a technical point of view, an electric bulb connected to our energy circuit would emit some amount of light - it would manifest like a halo if consolidated (Kirlian has developed an instrument that can measure the intensity of the aura – Kirlian aura photography).
The process of downloading light/love energy depending on the magnitude and wholeness of the individual would either brighten or dim their light bulbs. It is by the amount of bulbs and their respective brightness that the Hosts of Heaven gauge and applaud our progress as manifested in the overall planetary light quotient. It is to this effect therefore that lightworkers have been placed in specific locations around the globe (as part of the ascension master plan) in order to map a uniform broadcast/coverage of light/love frequencies necessary to swamp/awaken the sleeping population – laggards. These Transformers: Light Bearers, Blue Rays, Star Seed, … generally empathetic use their bodies and energy fields as channels to transmute lower density energies and anchor higher frequencies for earth and humanity.
The Harmonic Convergence of 1987 was the flag bearer – the highlighting, the inauguration of our Ascension timeline/season.
The lightworker/star seed population (conscious as well as unconscious) has been expanding since 1987 in anticipation of the ascension project implementation. These benevolent souls (spiritual mercenaries on rescue mission) coming from a plethora of star systems have volunteered to participate in preparing the grounds by anchoring the light necessary to heave Gaia and its associated kingdoms/expanded consciousness to 5D – the higher dimensions.
Their numbers have been gradually growing to exponentially attain the 144,000 threshold – as confirmed by the recent Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow influx. This operation can very well be compared to that of the take off speed of aircrafts, they need to attain an average minimum ground speed of 325km/h in order to lift off the ground – 144,000 is therefore the critical activated `light bulbs` necessary to trigger the ascension project (other religious traditions have called them the administrators of Heaven in the end times; so congratulate yourself for being among the 144,000 in case the desert missed the rain). It is imperative to mention here that some of the delays in the triggering of the ascension project is due to our inability to generate enough light/love energies necessary to jump start the Event – it is for this reason that we are constantly urged to do our inner work.
The complexity of this project is being taken care of by an inherent ascension algorithm put in place by the Company of Heaven to make sure these events are accomplished in harmonious synchronicity – essential completions: Galactic alignments – moving earth to the dimensional frequency of the higher realms.

Light Quotient (LQ)
LQ is the unit measurement of the amount of light an Entity carries/anchors/radiates – our spiritual barometer (the brightness of our etheric bulbs which can be accessed through our personal Akasha). It is an indication of the frequency band we belong to; raising our light quotient is switching from a next lower band to a higher frequency band or channel.  The reference point in our present context is unity hence 100% for full spectrum with 0.5 or rather 50% as required minimum ascension threshold; every dimension corresponds to a specific LQ. Ascension agendas of previous traditions have called this steps of progression Jacob`s ladder in a bid to simplify this intricate grading system.


  1. why do you say the exhausted 1st wavers may not transition?

  2. Dear Anony,
    Sorry, it should read - Sad as it may seem, this implies that the exhausted 1st Wavers may not transition (that the troops withdrawal process may not commence) before this pivotal date of 12:12

    The 1st Wavers have been very anxious aka apprehensive of late forgetting about the `essential completions`

  3. I have been exhausted my entire life -- but this in no way is going to stop me from transitioning ASAP.

    Divsy, let us say that there still appears to be lacking on this planet, the very basic understanding of how this universe operates when it comes to the creation of "Realities".
    The Higher Dimensionals (eg. Sassani, Yahyel, Sirians, 10th Dimensional Collectives etc.)have been trying to educate us humans & open our minds to the fact that we are always swimming in an infinite number of probable "Parallel Realities".
    We are constantly, unknowingly, and very naturally creating alternate realities, whenever we focus our thoughts, and whenever we make a choice/decision.

    Look, this is how it works:

    The Sassani (Zeta-Human hybrid civilization) always describe it best, through the amazing channel

    Now from what I've observed, it seems to me that around 99% of humans do not grasp this -- yet. Consequently we have so many differing versions of Ascension Scenarios. The typical human mind does NOT want to "let go" of the Belief System it has created.

    For instance, a prime example is your Georgi Stankov.
    Should someone like Georgi suddenly decide to embrace this fundamental concept of simultaneously existing, parallel realities, then the current Belief System he now operates under would dissolve.
    He would realize his own power as a continuous Reality Creator, and then he alone, would commence to SHIFT TO THE REALITY HE PREFERS.

    With all insecurities deleted in one fell swoop, Georgi would no longer feel the need to "Lead" and acquire power by attracting supporters/followers to reinforce his various reality beliefs. In other words, he would free himself from cheerleaders, and in so doing would free THEM, as well.
    He would no longer feel the need to sustain a superior position over others. With the need to be superior gone, his anger and disharmony within himself and with the lethargic human masses would disappear, and so would the internal overheating symptoms of his physical body.

    His body would finally cool down, but he would no longer be able to derive intense joy/satisfaction from initiating conflict, aggression & insulting demeaning antagonism with those he deems to be inferior.

    Taking this even further, Georgi's followers would realize their own power as continuous Reality Creators, and would disengage themselves from the subservient position of being "led". They would no longer limit themselves to believing in only the restricted number of realities/scenarios that Georgi has created for himself. They would no longer see the need to align their energies towards creating diverse disasters and catastrophes.

    They would finally stop giving their power away. Each one of them, would then simply SHIFT TO THE REALITY THAT THEY PREFER.

    So, to demonstrate the nearly unbelievable self-empowering nature of playing with Parallel Realities, 1st wavers could simply shift themselves to another Earth reality in which all ascension thresholds have already been met....OR...choose to shift to an existing reality in which ascension thresholds are not even a limiting criteria -- ascension could occur regardless of the thresholds involved.

  4. Dear Anonymous,
    Brilliant - spot on.

    Glad to go through/find this kind of gorgeous, comprehensive xray - I hear ya.

    I mentioned following my understanding or rather my intuition that the 1st wavers `MAY` not transition before the essential completions and the reason behind this script was to calm down George & Co from their prevailing apprehension aka cray drama which you have so well elucidated. I wanted us to know that things are more intricate than they appear. I have sent several unpublished notes to George drawing his attention to the fact that this project is unfathomable by us still in 3D hence the Hosts of heaven, even the Son does not know the hour nor the ...

    TY for the multiple updates !!!
    I buy your ASAP but leaving out all projections/timetables - surrendering to the process so to speak.
    It is impossible to get it all, to understand infinite issues/ultimate Reality through finite minds.
    The principal culprit here is his altered EGO.


  5. Anonymous and Divsy - Thanks for what you shared about Georgi! I've been following his blog closely for about a year, and was very excited about his promise of early Ascension for PAT members. My LBP has been quite debilitating for about 17 years, so this was *very* good news to me. I also liked the idea of being a part of PAT because it made me feel special and accepted. I was put off by his arrogance and the way he kept bashing others ongoingly. I accepted this because I thought that he was a good leader, and that following him was a good idea.

    Over the last few days I've been realizing and slowly accepting the idea that members of PAT may not experience early Ascensions the way he's claimed. This has been hard to accept because my LBP is quite debilitating right now. All the other sources I've read say that part of Ascension is overcoming the ego and moving beyond duality. I realize now that he does not qualify in either category. I'm now realizing that I need to be more careful about believing the information he puts out on his blog.


  6. Dear Tom,
    There we are in this ocean of Realities, and pedaling our boats by ourselves.
    I totally agree with your point of view.
    The energies are really excruciating.
    Courage my friend.