Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ringing in the ears - High pitch tones

Spiritual ringing in the ears is a phenomenon experienced by a vast majority of lightworkers - a high dimensional energetic manifestation; and has no bearings to Tinnitus which on the contrary is pathological. 

Ringing in the ears is the setting, fine tuning of our personal energy field/template (processor clock frequency) to the unity timeline carrier frequency/pilot, also called the Crystalline Grid Carrier as a result of the diverse recurrent Energy downloads – harmonics and side bands resulting from this calibration. A high frequency metallic hum of the rapidly oscillating higher chakras now perceived due to our extended range of audible frequencies. In reality chakras are energy centers aka frequency generators/oscillators; each chakra vibrating to a specific color/frequency and our resultant electromagnetic field called the aura being the synthesis of all the chakra frequencies.
Ascension symptoms are an unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which is the effect of a greater spiritual light/energy download in the body.
A good spectrum of lightworkers who are deeply emerged in the transformation/ascension process (the shift) are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within Gaia as well as their physical vessel - a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within. The grounding of this energy downloads from Source, Alcyone & Co goes a long way to heal the planet and all its kingdoms – expanded consciousness.
These symptoms, whereby ringing in the ears features as one of the very prominent component are the result of deep physiological transformations at the cellular and metabolic level, which sometimes manifest as inflammation (digestive swings, bloating, sinusitis, vision, flu, joints, pains, +++).
Our experiences of these body symptoms vary extensively (type, number, magnitude, frequency) depending on some of these aspects: our karmic load, mission/contract, wholeness (Light Quotient), environment – nutrition, air, exercise, etc. We all go through this process and symptoms in diverse ways, modes, intensity as they vary from person to person. We are all unique, on infinite healing paths, ascending and shifting in a multitude of ways – scenarios.
Personal energy field/template:
Our body comprises four basic components – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The etheric component is piloted by our chakra system – our energy centers/accumulators; the chakras are in effect frequency generators – Oscillators so to speak. During normal working life the energy that comes into our bodies from various ends: Source, Gaia, CME, Cosmic downloads, Shift, Grids, etc. is processed by our chakras and exit through our feet to Ground thereby giving rise to a resultant complex signal (wave) called our signature tone or registration. This energy field is unique for each individual. The electromagnetic field associated to this current flow produces what is called the Aura. Our signature tone is further enhanced or rather sustained by a constant signal called our clock frequency (identical to the microprocessor clock frequency of computers) indispensable in the stabilization and running of our etheric network. In reality, this clock frequency is locked (PLL – phase lock loop systems of electronic circuits) to a permanent carrier/pilot frequency (also known as the Beacon) received from Source (OM wave) – this is how our connection to Source is derived and activated. It is sad to mention here that conditioned souls have left this link/connection to atrophy hence the reason why our lives are so much in a shamble. Nevertheless, this link may become faint, deemed but it cannot be severed.
OM/Source wave – Crystalline Grid Carrier - Unity timeline:
Quantum physics has helped us to understand that every single thing aka matter in the Universe is comprised of Energy – Source as well (God is energy manifested as a vibration of an infinite Frequency). So the OM wave (omniscient moment), the God particle re Higgs Bosom, the Christ Consciousness Grid has its microprocessor clock frequency centered on 1034Hz (ten to the thirty forth power of pulse per second, Hz is the unit measurement of frequency). This frequency is of an astronomical value by virtue of the fact that it has to accommodate the signature tones of all entities/kingdoms in all the universes. This wave is also known as the fundamental frequency of all life. Our final objective on these myriad journeys to reconnection would be to raise our vibrations/frequency to eventually attain this value and become a fully integrated Christed being.

Gaia is shifting and raising her vibrations analogous to the other kingdoms on planet earth and it is this frequency rise of her clock frequency that is responsible for the speeding up of time as we are now experiencing in 3D – the faster the microprocessor speed/frequency, the more versatile and rapid her tasks are executed; hence the notion of time speeding.
The `Strange Sounds` some have perceived/reported of late from the core of the universe are frequencies and side bands resulting from Gaia`s shifting – Gaia`s ringing so to speak; the tearing apart of her present configuration in order to birth the new earth paradigm. This modulation is producing new elements of light/sound – the resultant harmonics of this split we now hear as strange sounds.  
Master Clocks/Frequency:
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) is the basis for modern civil time standard and it is set/follows International Atomic Time. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is an older standard adopted from Britain.
For the world to operate on a unified time platform, it is imperative to have all the major clocks on the globe synchronized to one single accurate/stable clock piloted by the atomic time for precision – master clock. And this is achieved through connecting all clocks of major locations to the master clock by a wave called the pilot carrier.
So the crystalline grid carrier interconnects all entities and serves the same purpose as the pilot carrier from the master clock to all other clocks. It connects all entities/kingdoms/expanded consciousness to the OM wave – the unity time line*. It then follows that our individual/local processors must be permanently connected to the unity time line hence lack of spiritual practice would considerably deem/diminish the quality of this link - our interaction with Source. The proverbial `little voice` is related to receiving from this ubiquitous transmitter - God is speaking to us all the time but if the quality of our link is compromised we would not reap full benefits. As we grow and integrate more light, as we strengthen our connection, the quality of our transmission improves (communication to and from Source) - more of the divine becomes available to us.
The frequency of the tones, the ringing we now perceive will eventually drop as we continue stepping up our frequency – the shift, tuning/synchronizing to the higher frequencies of the Unity/Love harmonics (these high pitch tones is the result/difference between our signature tone and the Unity carrier frequency). At the tail end of the light body process the frequency of these tones will drop to 0 Hz – no tones, the Zero Point; our heartily cherished Graduation.
The amplitude of the said tones perceived depend solely on our individual sensitivities; hence the reason why some do not validate this experience – we are all unique.    
Ringing in the ears/high pitch tones therefore is the resultant frequencies (harmonics and side bands) perceived during the fine tuning/calibration of our clock frequencies/signature tones to the unity time line as we raise our vibrations to adjust to our new working points and as we upgrade or rather download ascension/light frequencies. If it were possible for us to actively connect to our subtle body, we would be able to hear this unity time line carrier permanently pulsing. Prayer/Meditation/Trance states are some of the methods we deploy here in 3D to monitor this grid/pilot/time line and taping into this signal would greatly enhance our LoA/Co-creational capabilities.
A Harmonic is a single oscillation whose frequency is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency, the partials of a fundamental tone. We are therefore harmonics of the Source, the Fundamental (All That Is) frequency – divine sparks. Harmonics are Holographic in nature hence they carry info/data/ID related to the fundamental (we are created in his/her image).

*The above mentioned technique with reference to our connection to the unity timeline, to Source frequency has been implemented here in 3D by the global cellular telephone networks through the grace of the morphogenic resonance field interaction. Those who are alert enough will notice that when their phones are placed near a working Radio set, they receive a series of tones every several seconds depending on the provider; a kind of roll call so to speak - polling. These tones are transmitted from the cellular base stations/relays to locate the phone as we constantly move around – change our bearings. So the cellular network is in permanent touch/connection with all phones in their database. 


  1. I explored this topic because for last few months I am experiencing the same: something like still metallic ringing in the ear, especially when I focus attention to the background of thought. Sometimes, it happens that this phenomenon is coupled by mild passing of vibration to my foot toes that begin to oscillate on their own. Should I consult psychiatrist or doctor for that? Or, some real shift is consciousness is on the way?

    1. Sameer, it would appear the passing of vibration to your toes is not related to the ringing phenomenon; these are two distinct experiences. This signal that goes to your feet has a connection to our thinking process and in particular when doubt or rather fear is involved.
      I would suggest you ask your angels/guides to help you out wrt consulting any medical authorities.
      It is now more than ever before obvious that we have taken the last turn and heading for the finish line - living our last experiences here in 3D.

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  2. I am also experiencing ringing in my ears almost every day. It's the highest, most clear pitch I've ever heard. This has been going on for the past 6 months. You suggest asking our angels/guides for guidance. What kind of guidance would they provide? How long does this ringing last? If we are continuously expanding our energy field (growing spiritually) would the ear ringing last forever?

    1. In principle, this ringing phenomenon which is one of the ascension symptoms as experienced in the proverbial LBP should continue to such a point where our energy templates (signatures tones) will be aligned to the unity timeline. And no one in 3D knows when this will precisely take place - i have head that just like our leftover karma, during our transition/ascension our uncompleted light bodies will be integrated into the ascension plan/timeline. (others have had this ringing for a very long while now and have just integrated it in their system)

      The idea of recommending guidance is just a ploy to stay positive for ascension symptoms do not have any medical cause hence going to an MD may not necessarily yield fruits.

  3. The high pitched noise is also an occurrence with me. This has been happening since I was a kid, at maybe age 8, 9 or 10, but it was always a once in a blue moon thing. When I started getting into my teens it was a little bit more frequent. I'm now 20, and in recent years I've come to the realization that it isn't something that just happens randomly. I realized that the noise is something that is, and was always present, and that I was only able to hear it when I was in certain states of mind. But in recent years, Ive been.able listen to the sound at will, and am even able to tell when the frequency changes. My question is, are there anyways I can utilize this to be beneficial physically, mentally or spiritually?

    1. mpl, I forgot mentioning that it is a lot easier for souls of your group to perceive these tones.
      From your age bracket, I guess you must be a Crystal - they all come with some of their codes already activated; thereby rendering the process a lot smoother. And this is precisely why they are here now - to complete the raising of Gaia/our collective light quotient poised for ascension.

  4. Dear mpl, I will start by stating that these tones aka frequencies is not noise - noise is an unwanted/undesired signal.

    I am glad to know you can now listen to these tones at will as they have always been present in our energy matrix; and like I mentioned in the text we can consciously perceive these tones if we so desire - it will no longer be random (If it were possible for us to actively connect to our subtle body, we would be able to hear this unity time line carrier permanently pulsing. Prayer/Meditation/Trance states are some of the methods we deploy here in 3D to monitor this grid/pilot/time line)

    Well, your question wrt the benefits of this aspect calls for more exploration; I guess the reduction of the frequency of the tone may serve as a guidance - indicating that are healing is in progress; hence we are connected.

  5. Thank you for your quick response.

    I'd like start by asking what is Crystal? I'm rather new all of this so my knowledge on this matter is limited.

    I have another question that I don't necessarily falls in the same lines as the ear ringing. As a child I would get this tingling sensation in the area between the eyebrows. It came and went. Sometimes it happened frequently and other times I went long stretches without feeling anything. This feeling happened mostly when I was calm, day or night, but it was most common at night. The intesity varied, as some were stronger than others. Sometimes it was so strong that it made it IMPOSSIBLE to sleep; It was such an annoying sensation. However, when I got in my late teen years, it became less of a bother and I didn't mind it much. And at present time, I'm able to control when I feel the sensation, like an ON/OFF switch. For as long as I can remember I've been trying to find answers on the web, and found nothing. So I'm hoping you could provide some insight on the matter.

    1. Crystal, Rainbow & Indigo fall under the young generation of lightworkers - the difference between this group called Blue-Ray is very close; they virtually fringe on each other.

      All Souls here in 3D are classified under two major groups corresponding to Light vs darkness aspect (no judgement here - light & dark exist as cardinal components of duality); hence lightworkers are those that have or are now waking up from slumber, out of amnesia/the veil and are supporting/promoting love on the planet.

      So here we go with some lightworker colors (this is not an official list, just my understanding):
      Lightworker: Star Seed, Blue Rays, Rainbow Warriors, Unconscious - Unclassified.
      Star Seed: 144K - Blue Rays, Rainbow Warriors…
      Blue Rays: Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow…
      Rainbow Warriors: Ascension bridge/portal builders, Gatekeepers, Wayshowers.
      1st Wave: +/- 1950, 2nd Wave: +/- 1990

      The tingling sensation you have been experiencing between you eyebrows is quite distinct/different from the ringing syndrome; although they all fall under the umbrella of the healing journey as in Enlightenment - they are harmonics of the energy fundamental.
      As a matter of fact, this sensation is the opening of your inner heart eye aka third eye. The third eye is the center responsible for ESP (telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, in short all inter or multidimensional stuff)

      I hope this will throw in some light to your query.

  6. i have been researching possibilities of reasons for the high pitch ringing in my ears as well. It has been going on the last year ...possibly two..At times the ringing becomes amplified for brief moments. My research had me convinced i had tinnitus up until the point i found your article. This makes more sense with where my life is right now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are most welcome - I`m glad you found some resonance.

  7. Thanks a lot for this post. I have had my high pitch hearing for at least 4 months now. I don't know if its really getting louder or I keep thinking it is, out of fear that I may have a medical condition and im thinking of this high pitch hearing experience as a spiritual transformation. I may be having a battle between my old self and this new me that im giving birth to.

    I saw a psychic 2 years ago and he said to me (after laughing) that for me to move ahead in life it was necessary that I have a spiritual practice and go inside of me everyday. I listened to him and began to meditate everyday. Few months ago, probably around september 2013, I woke up to this high pitch sound thinking the TV was on but the it wasn't.....oh, oh!!!!. I was so scared, I thought maybe It was because I was blasting my headphones really loud the night before (listening to a song called "Hi Power" by Kendrick Lamar, love it). Anyway for several weeks this high pitch noise didn't leave and I thought I had ruined my ears. But there was something strange, I did notice though, that my hearing wasn't impaired. Strangely I could still hear everything very well even though this high pitch ringing wouldn't stop.

    One day as if I heard a voice in my head after meditating, I researched "high pitch ringing in the ears.......spiritual" and whala!!!...... I found a lot of links relating to it. My mind is at ease....*Phew*. So... I took a different approach to this, I began to listen to the sound while I meditated, I chose to have fun with this new experience, it was sort of a new discovered sound for me. I noticed that each ear had its own high pitch sound and they were sort of dancing as each ear would shift frequencies. I found it pretty awesome. I still do.

    Now My concern is that is it a problem if this high pitch hearing gets louder?????? I'm a bit confused on that cause, I might be hearing it more when in silence or I may be "perceiving" as being louder, even though, again, my hearing of everything else hasn't been diminished. But I guess my question is does this high pitch sound get louder? should there be concern if it is???

    I also keep thinking..... I'm being introduced into this subtle plane of life that I was ignorant of for 30 years (vital life force, Energy, Aura, etc), and I'm used to a certain limited way of thinking about life and I'm still sort of battling this whole new experience within me (like what is this sh*t????) and being that I'm surrounded by people who do not have this same experience as me, I keep having this fear that there might be a problem with me. Its kind of like a battle between my Ego and my subconscious or super conscious. This ego is telling me "man you can't believe any of this hocus pocus non-sense, you'll end up being looked as crazy nut :-S" but this experience is very real to me.

    1. Hi Amu,
      Welcome to the clan of energetics/etherics.
      Indeed, your decision to embark on some spiritual practices (grounding, meditation, healing...) served as a catalyst to what you are now experiencing - it literally cracked your energy band so to speak.

      The volume aka amplitude and frequency of these tones vary considerably for the simple reason that we are all unique/on diverse healing paths. Thank god this phenomenon falls within my curriculum, otherwise I would be as scared as you were for my frequencies and amplitude vary every time. And as i mentioned in the text, some during their meditation sessions/silent awareness moments have been able to tune/pickup a plethora of harmonics from these calibrations.

      I guess the issue of volume doesn't really matter except when it starts interfering with your usable band of frequencies.

      L&L divsy.

  8. I am experiencing ringing both of ear plus on top of my head as if someone is pressing and sqeezing it, it is not a pain in the morning
    but by the evening time its a pain and it gets me dizzy

  9. hey divsy,
    thanks for posting such valuable info, you been doing such good work buddy. ;)
    Truly you said it, the high pitch ringing sound is divine, it’s related to high frequency, coming down from source.

    Dives, I am an Indigo, born on 22 Oct 1988. i am writer here.
    I have always been through this, intense ascension symptoms. It feels so good, that more and more humans are facing it now, and coming to know their truth, feeling the oneness residing in universe.

    I faced my awakening, enlightenment during age 22, well, it had been always an understatement since I was 8 or 9 years old. But the full blown, on all scale, in full consciousness was during 22 yrs old age. And now, I am enjoying my strong connection to angelic realms, to the higher dimensions, to the source. I am a healer, and hold many psychic gifts, much are still lying in subconscious , yet to be explored. I am highly sensitive, and this sensitivity is increasing all the more, since Christ conscious code started awakening in our DNAs. My main work is as ‘freuency keeper’, that means, downloading new higher frequencies, settling them down completely in my physical vessel, and then sending them down to Gaia. Well, its wonderful, but too hard also.

    Since titillating between 4 D and beyond to 3 D consciousness is too painful and dense and heavy. It seems sometimes that I am dragging millions tonnes on ma back. the strain between eyebrows, shoulders, back, sound in ears, strains in joints, abruptly waking up at 3:30 in night....well, it is beautiful also, but painful also while fulfilling the duties on earth... but somewhat handling all kinds of jobs .. ;)

    well, love to you for this blog. keep doing it.

    1. Hi Preity,
      Thanks for your kind/warm remarks – it generates such a beautiful energy/emotion to read from visitors like you.
      L&L divsy

  10. I too have constant high pitched ringing in my ears...more so on the right side...it truly is starting to drive me crazy...is there any way to make it stop?

    1. Indeed, often times its difficult to distinguish from which side the tones emanate.
      My understanding with respect to squelching the tones is to continue raising our vibrations to such a still point were their resultant will culminate to zero harmonics. Courage my dear friend Sandra.

  11. Hi there i have also had very loud ringing in my ears and wooshing sounds and tingling around my right temple like there are ants crawling on me but there is nothing there. My ringing is getting louder and louder by the day and wakes me up at 3.30 am ( around that time) and its like it won't let me sleep any more?? I am a yoga teacher and all of my symptoms seem to be getting more intense by the day? How much longer do i have to endure this?

  12. Dear Friend/Ascensionee, all engaged in this process called light body integration (LBP) are experiencing similar symptoms.
    The statistics for this post indicate an average of 100 daily hit; I guess this is the most prominent of these upheavals - although some suffer from profound insomnia sleeping less that 2hrs/night.
    Well, you say the ringing is getting louder, indeed this will change with time as the frequency of the ring rises to balance/accommodate new energy levels.
    The symptoms are getting intense for all volunteers and as we get closer to the finish line - cleaning the slates so to speak.
    I am also at a loss wrt when these light integration & cleansing will come to an end and I guess no one here in 3D dose. My inner mind tells me the higher-ups prefer not to discuss timeline issues for the simple reason that it would discourage others.
    Courage & blessings to you.

  13. Hi I have ringing in my ears and it get's louder and higher pitched when spirits attack me, like pin pricks, or smells of mothballs or bad smells.

    Can can I stop this?


  14. I have had ringing for 7 years now, but since moving into new house the spirit's have been atacking, I feel like I am tuned into their frequency or like a human portal. I am seeing a shamen to try and help stop it!. So far it stops for a few nights but comes back after saging, clearing the home and me.

    No sleep for 6 weeks now, it's waking my young children up too!

    1. Dear Catherine, most fellow travelers aka ascensionees have had ringing symptoms for a pretty long while – at the turn of the century. Looking at it from a growth perspective it should be welcomed - just like mothers joy re baby teething; every time my ringing oscillates, I celebrate my rising light quotient, lol.

      Indeed, your present experience/predicament can be very unsettling.
      The good news is that we are powerful/divine beings - equal to the task; remember we are the creators of our reality.
      We are endowed with many potent tools that can be manifested through Decrees, Mantras, Meditations +++:
      Build your wall of protection, invoke the violet flame, the mighty protective pillar of light +++ and notice these dark energies/entities disappear for good (you may also make/sprinkle some `holy` water over your space).
      I wish you well, courage & blessings.

  15. hiya folks... I've had this high pitch in my head since May2014 ,,, it started off a bit disconcerting , but I"ve learned to just live with it.. it's not so bad. what brought it on was several things.. 1 - I quit smoking cannabis & my head cleared up.. 2 - I had all my 9 mercury amalgam fillings replaced & my head really cleared up ,,within a couple of days.. they were poisoning me ...I have proof of before & after blood tests.. it was amazing change in awareness & clarity... then I noticed this high pitch in my head.. not tinnitus because my hearing is good.. in fact when the mercury cleared out of my blood stream , my hearing improved.. I have since put up with it & hardly notice it at times.. at fist I thought I was il , or something,, I found a frequency occillator on the net & matched the pitch at about 6700hz.. which is what the hard drives in my computer spin at.. I now sleep at night with 8 hrs of ocean waves in the background & rain , streams & other natural sounds.. my tolerance for annoying human blather has gone up ,,, I want serene earth sounds to sooth me.. I have been improving much since I got a machine to help me breathe at night due to Chronic sleep apnoea which was also contributing to my debilitating lack of dreams & good rest. , feeling good these days ,but the pitch is still there in the back ground,, often I just ignore it.. & tune it out.. I have cleaned up my sleeping , my blood stream & my brain . & =now it' seems I can hear ,or perceive what I could not beforehand. it only bothers me sometimes , but I just accept it as some phenomena occurring for some reason I have yet to understand. it doesn't do any damage at all..but have always been able to hear when a TV is turned on ..it changes in strength from imperceptible to quite a presense.. I'm not sure if it's man made or not.. but I do look for answers.. there is always a solution ha !>. cheers Jules.

  16. Ok I would like to share some of my experiences on ear ringing in hopes of getting some answers. But before I do i would also like to say that I have had many strange experience through out my life that just cant be explained.

    I have been told I have some sort of physic gift and power that comes from the left side of my body but I am not claiming to physic.i have had physics walk up to me out of the blue and guess my birthdate and tell me my thoughts and how they could read my aura. I have also had a couple haunting experiences with ghost experienced alot of Deja Vu when I was much younger and have a strange ability to read people as good or bad people instantly. I also have a uncanny ability to pick up on patterns trends etc that most people dont see. And I think I inherited this from my mother because she had strange dreams that came true one in which she even informed us of her coming death. I also attact to other people who seem to have these gifts or interest in them and can almost pick them out by looking at their picture?

    Ok I have always had ear ringing but as a child not so much. Over the last 15 years or so it has increased always seeming to stem from my left ear. The tone can be soft or very sharp seeming to vibrate lower when soft and fast when high.

    A few years ago I was dating a woman who I had a very strong connection with so strong in fact sometimes she could finish my sentences and sometime even tell me what I was thinking? It sounds wonderful but just like any relationship it was not perfect and we did have our tiffs. And we text faught. I noticed that when I would send her a text that wasnt nice seconds later my ear would begin to ring fast and high pitch at almost the same time she was reading the text and swore to god the ringing sound was her anger. Sometimes out of the blue my ears would start ringing softly and seconds later I would get a sweet lovely text from her?

    I began to wonder if we or maybe I was picking up her vibrations?

    Ok now lets skip ahead 3 years to a different woman in my life a friend who wanted more.

    Many times during our freindship my ear would start ringing softly out of the blue and within a minute bang I would get a sweet text or phone call from her to just saying hi?

    Now as I said she wanted more and would ask me out frequently and sometimes i did not want to go and beleive it or not those conversations or text started with a soft ringing in my ear and as she tried to convince me to go out and as i said no i could hear and feel the vibrations and sound in my ear getting faster and higher as she grew upset I did not want to go out?

    This does not happen with everyone I meet only a few similiar thing have happen with other people.mostly women? I dated a woman who was kinda the jealous type recently and she kinda veiwed my facebook account frequently as I have many female friends. And I noticed that sometime if I posted a comment a female freinds page almost instantly my ear would start to ring in a high fast pitch? Especially if it was someone she thought I liked?

    My ear rings at other times too out of the blue sometimes soft sometimes high and fast I dont think a day has gone by in the last 3 years or so it has not?

    So my question is can ear ringing be a form of a physic gift or a way of picking up on peoples body vibrations? It just seems strange to me how they coincided with text phone calls etc?

    1. I guess you are an empath and ringing in the ears for you would correspond to some kind of `muscle testing` - a psychic technique used for cross checking energy data.

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  18. That is the last thing you want to do is consult with a medical doctor regarding your Ascension symptoms...especially regarding ringing in the ears unless you have experienced some sort of physiological trauma. It would be by the truest sense the blind leading the blind. I've had ringing in the ears for 12 years and I am a holistic Dr.. Ringing in the ears can be hellish, but at the same time I know I'm continuously processing a higher form of vibrational energy that carrys light and dispels the darkness in my life -- subtly freeing me from that which imprisoned me. Don't forget we are 99.999 per cent energy.

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  21. Wow: who will ever believe that a natural herb can cure tinnitus, i never believe that this will work i have spend a lot when getting drugs from the hospital to keep me healthy,i went to many hospitals for cure but there was no solution, One day I was in the office going through the internet when i see so many people testifying about Dr Williams herbal medicine on how they where been cured from tinnitus and so many other similar body problem, so i mail him.He told me all the things I need to do and also give me instructions to take, which I followed properly. Before I knew what is happening after two weeks To my greatest surprise after patiently going according to instruction given to me by Dr Williams, all the ringing in my ears stop gradually and up thing this moment i have not experience anything ringing in my ears. I want to say a big thanks to Dr Williams who God have sent to heal his people with his natural medicine i pray that God will bless you for the good work you are doing.for all who are still suffering from this disease, you can also contact Dr Williams through his email address on;drwilliams098765@gmail.com

  22. Hi, I've been with my ring my entire life. I'm 43 years old. My ring have my peaks into my future when I was a child. I've done some dimensional travel, at least that's how I refer to it, and been using the energy I channel for healing, or that's what I think I have been doing. A part of me had question whether this is all real or my imagination, finding this site is helping clear my doubt. I've never mediated much, I've always just let my spirit regulate everything and it usually informs me or dives homes to what's happening. I'm starting to feel motivated to meditate on hopes of more understanding. I'm not new to the idea of all this but I am new to being actively involved in the work. Any direction your can give on staring points or self training would be appreciated. I hope I've made sense here. Nice to find a community. Thank you for the time you have invested here. I've already learned a great deal from this page. Peace to you -Zadok-

    1. Hi there, and welcome to the light worker - Ascensionee community.
      Understand this process we are presently involved in is a grand premier, hence no designed road maps - we are on diverse healing paths guided by Love. We are creating it moment by moment as we move along taking into consideration that each thought/action affects the whole. So all i can say here is to follow your heart. Blessings.

  23. Hi everyone, so recently I happened by chance to see a clairvoyant and she said that I was very spiritual, that I've just come through a horrible journey and now my sense is coming to the fore. She also said that I was going to help a lot of people and that I'll be a busy man spiritually. I literally had no idea what this meant for me, the other day I felt this pressure in my head whilst dreaming it woke me up. Then the incessant ringing started, it's so loud it feels like my ears are about to reverberate. It's not medical I've been to the doctor. People say they enjoy it how can this be. Is this going to go on for years. I will gladly help people but I don't have a gift of any kind, I'm 5 days in and dreading it. Any advice would be appreciated. Joe

    1. Hi Joe, welcome to the club (ascensionees).
      I have heard these symptoms will continue for as long as we are integrating these energies - they are inherent to the process, the shift to 5D, +++
      Courage & Blessings.

  24. OMG! My spiritual bestie just linked me up on this and I have had this since I was a child and just ignored it and was "Awakened" when I met our master in tai chi, a light worker, high spiritual master...20 some years ago! It would be some really loud WINDCHIMES (as I call it) and would start when I do my standing meditations while my body would vibrate and even feel like I would disappear.

    THen one night it awakened me thinking that someone is playing a cruel joke on me and picked up a stick (often slept with my Kali sticks for self defense) to defend myself! Now for about 20 years since I have been awakened by my master, it hasn't stopped. Sometimes very subtle and always present regardless of what I am doing (work, play, etc.) and sometimes VERY LOUD when I give attention to it that it is maddening!

    In fact it is ringing loudly now as I type this very message!

    My spiritual bestie is having the same one and now we are hearing like an orchestra of different wavelengths, one very high and lows and something in between - all in harmony!

  25. I stumbled upon this page and felt the need to comment given the intensity of what I have been experiencing in the past few days. I have been going through the ascension process for a good number of years now and this past week, with the eclipse gateway that happened from January 31st to the upcoming February 15th, my symptoms has been very intense and painful. Suddenly one afternoon about four days ago, I started having a high pitched ringing noise that I'm sure doctors would say is tinnitus, started to occur. It's constant and has been very frustrating, along with the extreme tightness that started along the same time frame in my low back. Ironically, my partner also had the ringing start at exactly the same day. So, I wanted to reach out and just seek some reassurance to fellow people seeking to raise their vibration or already have. I've had those short rings many times that I know are downloads and always thank my guides and angels for them when they happen. They range from low to high and always are in a burst of a few seconds to maybe at the most 30 seconds. But this is constant, hence the reason why I decided to write into someone who may have experience with this. Is this something that happened in the 3D to 5D ascension process of conversion, a very high-pitched ringing that comes on and stays for a period?

    1. Dear Andrew, you got it right. This phenomenon is experienced by those that are involved in the ascension process of planet Earth and her expanded consciousness; well I would put it as a transition from 3D to the higher Ds, ie 5D and above. What you are experiencing is precisely how this symptom unfolds - perceiving sporadic tones in one or both ears of varying intensity. Understand we are all unique/on diverse healing paths hence this experience (frequency and volume) would considerably vary from person to person.

    2. Thank you so much for responding so quickly! :) Just, to confirm though, as I know that the sporadic tones are definitely ascension related. I just haven't seen the constant high-pitched ringing on any of the ascension symptom sites. It's always reported as the sporadic, which I've dealt with for a number of years with no problem. BUT, when this manifested a few days ago and came on as this high-pitched ring, that did not distort my ability to hear like the normal ones, and has not gone away at all, AND has at times been stronger in one ear versus the other (today it's the right, yesterday was more the left), that is really the question I'm asking for clarification and reassurance. :) Have you had this reported from others ascending and seen this in others ascending to the higher levels, especially long into their ascension journey? Have you seen this high pitch constant ring come up for others as well besides the sporadic ones? Any reassurances of that would be most gratefully appreciated. :)

  26. Andrew, when you say constant, for how long now non stop?
    All what I`ve gotten from other ascensionees is that some have a constant tone that has been validated by their sensory system (just like smelling something for too long and your system classifies it until a new signal appears) so they kind of forget or rather ignore the tones. Others use head phone music to mask/counteract the tones and some others listen to music whenever the level of the tones amp up. So this phenomenon in a way is very tricky; varies for different individuals - no two of them are similar: pitch nor volume nor frequency + time of occurrence nor reprieve interval nor +++
    I hope this explanation will throw in more light, otherwise you may email me @ thomaspafe@yahoo.fr for a smoother interaction. Blessings.

    1. Divsy, I'm going to email you separately to continue this conversation. Let me know if you don't get my email ok? I'll be sending it out shortly. And to answer your question, it started to be non stop at this high pitch noise around Wednesday of this week, so about 5 days now. And it seems to sometimes change in which ear I hear it more in, as well as the strength of it too... I'll elaborate more in my email. :)

    2. A long time ago,about 49 years,I remember reading from Buddha's Suranggata Sutra that listening internally was the best method of meditation. The hearing is the last sense to go. I read it again yesterday when I was researching the Earths frequency and discovered that it was rising. When I played it to myself it sounded the same except deeper to the inner sound I have been meditating to for the last 6 months. The sound is only apoaranr when I look for it and then it gets louder and louder. I had assumed that the noise was a result of listening to the blood going past each eardrum and then forming a binuaral beat in the space between. I have managed to maintain during sleep on one recent occasion. I think of it positively as my own personal meditation system available whenever I want as long as their is not to much background noise whilst I am initiating it. It will be interesting to see whether it starts to go up in pitch over time.

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